Friday, July 29, 2011


In other news, Michelle is back. My poor lost sister is not doing so well it seems. Still fighting Father's influence over her. What a waste of time. She has nothing left worth fighting for. Her family is dead and her home destroyed. She has no friends, no allies... And she could turn at any moment into something like ME. "But what about Valerie/Haku-Chan?" you might ask. I personally believe her to be more of a care-taker than a friend. I don't think she likes Michelle, but I do think she feels... Responsible for her. But Haku-Chan, know this. You cannot save her, and everything that you do to delay her turning will be undone by those around you.
Yes, I am calling it RIGHT NOW. Sagey and Kay are going to HATE and distrust Michelle. OH YES. I KNOW IT. Look at Kay for a minute. She is growing more and more paranoid as the days go by. Attacking a potential boyfriend just for sneaking up on her. Do you think she is going to be OK with a potential female version of ME running around her house with Haku-Chan? I think not. She is not as compassionate as she lets on. What about our dear White Knight Sagey? Surely he would show some compassion towards this poor lost soul? Well, it isn't likely. Michelle is one step away from becoming a cold blooded killer. It is Sagey's job to protect his friends from all potential risks, is it not? He will hate and distrust her as much as Kay will. Thus a rift will form between the Sages. AND THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE TO AVOID IT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
But Haku-Chan. They are right you know. Your little Guard Dog is very sick. She is a danger to herself and others. Someone is going to have to put her down before she goes completely crazy. I mean... Look at me. How I was before I became a Child of His. I was angry at the world for what it had done to me, I had no friends and no one I considered family. She is the same as I am now (Admittedly, I had to "Help" her along with that family bit). There is only one way to keep her mind from shattering. Giving her to Father. He is the only one who can save her now. You Haku-Chan, are damning her to an existence of fear, pain and misery. She straddles the line between light and darkness. It only takes one wrong step for to fall into darkness for eternity. But we can save her. We can bring her to the light.


  1. *snort* Ha, you go through all that Luke and you lose her. HA, some scary villain you turned out to be.

  2. I notice how when something goes wrong, it's always someone else's fault. Either you need better lackeys or to start working alone.

    As for Michelle, or any Runners in need of a haven, they are always welcome with me. There are current two "ex-proxies" under my roof and while they have their issues, show me one person that doesn't. Besides, if I could get over my temper problems, anyone can, even a mad dog like you or someone broken like Michelle.

  3. ...You can really wax eloquent about this stuff, can't you? I think the technical term is "the use of rhetoric to obscure lack of content", but I prefer "bullshitting", personally.

    Stop pretending you actually know something. It doesn't become you.

  4. @Mystery: I seem to do all the dirty work anyway. I might as well be working alone as it is.
    @Haku-Chan: I do not pretend to know something. Everything that I said is true, and deep down inside, you know it.

  5. Brother... maybe you should just take a break for a while? Find a nice group of kin to settle with and get rid of your little group of... well, idiots? I'm sure you could find other family who'd be willing to help you and who maybe have more experience? Considering Naomi was the one who broke your followers for you, maybe they need to be rebroken by someone who isn't false or just replaced altogether.

  6. ...I don't know if it's your writing style, but you veer into Narm far too much for me to take your and your actions seriously, suspension of disbelief be damned.

    Might want to work on that.

  7. @Tigercub: I can rest when I am DEAD.
    @Quetzal: Why So Serious Jackass? The world DESERVES a bit more comedy.

  8. Death is no rest for such as us.

  9. Eh, comedy, maybe.

    Not pathetic attempts at the contrary. Thanks for the compliment though.

  10. @Quetzal: I had no idea Jackass was a compliment among idiots. Learn something new every day, eh? The wonderful thing about people is that they are all different. Different likes, and dislikes. Comedy is no different. As long as I find what I do to be amusing... And believe me it is a BLAST... Then I really should not care if some random basement-dweller does not have a compatible sense of humor. Nevertheless, I aim to please, I am willing to make silly faces into the camera and utilize fart humor if it so pleases you O Great One. Or is that too sophisticated for you?

  11. Oh it's happening all right. I hope Elaine turns around and kicks your ass.

    You're more pathetic than I though. Going after a little defenseless girl?


    Really, Morningstar?

    I really, really, hope you smarten up. Because this isn't even mildly amusing to me anymore.
    And /that's/ when there's trouble, y'see.

  13. Hello there little one.

    Would you like to play a game?

  14. @Hawk: She can try. And Fail of course.
    @Spencer: It isn't amusing to a moronic old twit like you, but it is HILARIOUS to me.
    @Jester: Who are you calling little.

  15. Morningstar. You try so hard, don't you? So hard to paint me as some great new evil. A new pawn in the game. You try and try and try to turn Valerie against me, because you can't stand the fact that I'm actually NOT like you. That I have someone who actually does give a shit. That I don't NEED Him like you do. I'm stronger. And I will be the one to skin you alive. So sorry to have to put our little GAME on hold. But I'll find you eventually, you little fuck.

  16. Oh Sister... I look forward to our next encounter. You have no IDEA how badly I want to see you right now.
    You claim to be stronger, but the only thing that is keeping you sane is dear Valerie. Guess what. I am going to kill her. I am going to rip out every single one of that annoying bitch's organs. I will empty her corpse of all it's blood and BATHE in it. There is nothing you can do to stop me. And when she dies, you will break. Even worse than before. Hehehehe. And then comes the real fun.

  17. For the love of shit, where is your HEAD? I pulled MYSELF back from the edge. You really think they would have let me cross the border otherwise? You've forgotten. You will not get anywhere NEAR Valerie. And you know it.

    Soon. You'll get your chance. Your chance to finally be the victim, like you should be. Sprawled on the ground. Barely resembling a human let alone your actual identity. And yet, still breathing. I did promise you way back when that I wouldn't let you die if you crossed me. And you won't. Not until I'm ready, anyway.

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So overconfident. So foolish. It is all right though sister. Everything will be ok. When we meet each other, I will kill you quickly and relatively painlessly. You have suffered enough I think. Unless you give me a reason to make you suffer more that is.
    I am the predator here, sister. You are the prey. As is Valerie. Remember that. The weakest dies first.