Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New York

We have ARRIVED. We are going to meet up with another local Chosen Family member to plan the downfall of a certain Unworthy. These are Diabolical Plans. Destructive Plans. Plans that COULD NEVER FAIL. So of course I am rather paranoid of things to come. With such a busy schedule, things are bound to go wrong.
And, I fear... Something already has gone wrong. Very, very wrong.
For you see, Ladies & Gentlemen... I am afraid. We are all afraid. I have been hearing rumors that turn my blood to ice. There are whispers amongst our Family... They say, that Family members are acting strange... That out of nowhere they spasm and they scream in pain. Then they run off. Never to be seen again. They say... That these Family members act strangely before they disappear. Like they are another person entirely. Like who they are has fundamentally changed inside. That the affected Family member carries an air of majesty and an aura of menace matched only by Father himself...
They say... that HE has returned.