Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Do I Do the Things that I Do?

I shall not lie to you Ladies and Gentlemen. I hate people. Every single miserable sinning last one of them. Little good has ever come from humanity, and it is all eclipsed by the horrors we inflict on each other and everything else. I know this first hand. I have seen and experienced some of the worst humanity has to offer. I have BECOME one of the worst, and I do not regret it. Should I? I have no idea. My side contains freaks, psychopaths, fanatics, criminals, innocents, fools, and geniuses all working towards a common goal. Serving our Father. Punishing humanity for it's evil and sin.
This is a fairly noble goal. Why then do I feel sad about the death of one insignificant human? A human I have BARELY interacted with. I should not be having flashbacks because of this... Anyway.
I have been wandering around New York City doing jack shit for the past couple of days. They probably want me back in Texas right now, to pick up the slack. I don't care. That Prosper asshole seems to have things under control. Strangely, I hope he fails to kill his next few targets. Or at the very least, becomes as "effective" as I currently am at killing important people.
I killed a fast food worker yesterday for being rude to me. I shoved a drill through his eyes and left him to rot in an alley. I had no fun with that one. Is that what I am missing right now? I go from Killdozer to... Drilling through a man's eye? Pathetic. WHEN DID I GET SO PATHETIC?!?! Gah. Pointless angst on top of this as well.
I am about positive HE has returned. The problem is, HE is doing odd things. According to reports, HE is PANICKED for some reason. Could IT be following him I wonder. It does not matter to me I suppose. As long as he stays FAR away from me, HE can go rot for all I care. I have to admit, HE scares me a little.
Maybe I should finally make contact with another group of Family Members in New York. Nothing better to do I suppose. Aside from killing a few more pathetic stain on this planet I find littering the dark corners of this shit hole.


  1. You're still in NYC? That makes at least three of us. Well it's a big city I guess, so it's easy to avoid getting seen really.

    As for the feeling pathetic, it's possible you could just be in a rut. Maybe you should watch some Wile E Coyote, get fresh ideas in your head.


  2. Wait. Why am I helping you?

    I should get Lucas to check my comments before I post them...

  3. That would make four of us. And I would love to meet such a killing genius such as you self Morningstar. Unfortunately, I won't be in New York much longer. Maybe at a later date.

  4. What Joel said, Shitstar. Go find something new to inspire you.

    Maybe take up a new hobby. I hear knitting is very relaxing.

    Perhaps a change of pace would do you some good. NOT killing people is pretty nice. You should try it sometime.


  5. I can attest to the fact that knitting is very relaxing and I highly recommend it. You should definitely try it little star.

  6. Tick tock tick tock

    Bleed and bleed and bleed

    Yo Morning, you sound like you could use a hug. I'll send you a hug-o-gram, k?

    What the fuck did I even just say? Damn Indy, there's some weird shit here, I think it's messing with me. But still, you want that hug or not, bro?

    Stay frosty, bro.


  7. Losing your touch?
    Let us hope not
    We find you valuable
    Angry over my kill?
    Death would have come to them
    By you
    By me
    By Him
    Death is the result
    Victory is yours just as much
    Such anger
    Would you want part in this game?
    Do you want to play with our asylum girls?

  8. I'm going to side with Elaine on this one. Though if you must kill someone, there are plenty of creative things to do with a knitting needle.

    Killing's overrated though.

  9. If you want

    you could come visit sometime soon

    I'm still here