Thursday, March 31, 2011

Round 2?

Slice decided to cut and run it seems. Now his brother Dicey is being set up to take the reigns. I dare say he will be a little harder to convince that this is all an ARG than the other one was... Could be fun.
Though I have to say, I am getting a bit twitchy again. The skirmish with Forgey and Greenie was fun and all, but it did not really satisfy me. Regrettably, intel is still... Scarce. You are very lucky Hakurei. But that luck will soon run out and you really have Sagey to blame. Huh. Maybe it is time to enroll a few of these newly orphaned young Hallowed into a local preschool. Know of any decent ones in the area Hakurei? Sagey?
By the way Sagey, the Jersey Devil. Really? What is next, Mothman? The Chupacabra? Bigfoot? The Rake? Oh wait. Scratch that last one. Point is, that is just plain UNFAIR. On top of being utterly useless against He That Is. Lets make a deal. You do not summon anymore demonic entities and I do not head back to Philadelphia and finish the jolly green jackass and Forgie. And if you call within the next 24 Hours I will even throw in a free shot at ME.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Now I have to bide my time for a few days. How about some music?
Let no one say I have poor taste in music. Take some time to appreciate the lyrics. Specifically the last bit.

Finally Settled in.

Linked up with the New Jersey branch of Proxies and READY TO HAVE FUN. No sign of Beetlejuice yet, so I assume it did not follow me out of Philadelphia. Still, until Sagey and his buddy Greenie are six feet under, I am going to stay in very light rooms. Now then, what sort of fun can I have while I am here. I must admit, ever since cartoon villainy was mentioned, I have this urge to tie up someone to some railroad tracks. Want to volunteer Hakurei? I am sure your dashing hero SAGEY could save you.
I also that Ron is back to... "normal." Lovely. I was actually planning on pulling another Fake Kaiju with him, but his little freak out occurred when I was sleeping. Oh well.
Last but not least, the return of Fizzbomb. Assuming it is not simply a trick, and it is as she said... This will not end well for us. It never does. This was an idiotic move. But until the inevitable betrayal, hopefully she will do some damage. And by damage, I mean killing Thage, Reach, or Ava. ESPECIALLY Thage. I personally would not be opposed to He That Is sending every single one of us after those three. Hmmm... That gives me an idea. Null.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What the FUCK.

Bob 2 Came back. He was unresponsive, and then suddenly Bob 3 was gutted. Bob 4 was levitated in the air and ripped in fucking half. Some THING was hiding in the shadows of the room and was butchering them one by one. The Hallowed stayed calm as usual, but the Agents were freaking out. Idiot cowards must have never seen a horror movie because they did one of the dumbest things imaginable: They ran down the dark hallway in the hopes of escaping when the exit was THE OTHER WAY. The Good news is they bought us some time.
As one can imagine, I immediately ordered an attack on that "Green Man" Sagey was talking about, hoping killing him would get rid of Freddy Krueger here. Long story short, we found Green Man and Forgey. Between the the two of them and the Ghost of Jason Voorhees however, we were rather outmatched. Oh well. At least I get the pleasure of knowing Greeny will be taking an extended vacation to the nearest hospital after what I did to him. I wish I had more time to both enjoy his screams and do the same to Forgey, but I cannot kill a fucking ghost thing.
Fuck Philadelphia. I tried to civil Sagey. I tried to be nice. But when you send a homicidal Casper after me, the gloves come off. Even He That Is will be horrified at what I am going to do to you. The fires of hell will be a welcome release for you. You will see just how cruel a sadist with a grudge can be.

Have I mentioned I loathe the Northern States?

Because I really REALLY do. Rude people EVERYWHERE. Bad drivers too.
So, I was checking some of the various blogs and discovered a blog made by... Redlight? Now I am too far down on the food chain to be privy to big red's activities, but it seems a bit off to me. Then again, I would not put it past Redlight to be simply screwing with people. Time will tell.
So, Sagey's buddy Forgemaster suffered a terrible accident earlier. Apparently some LUNATIC decided it would be fun to set his ENTIRE home on fire. What if he had PETS in there? Keep him in your thoughts and prayers will you? I get the feeling this will the first in a series of unfortunate... accidents, so long as Sagey is away from home.
Yes Sagey, we want you to leave Hakurei alone. You see, Hakurei has attracted attention from a few of my immediate superiors because of... I have already said too much. Have fun in New Joisey Sagey.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Imma heding to knew joisey guyz!!1!

But do not expect to see me any time soon. Or any time at all.
I believe Arkady called me a "Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain" a post or two earlier. I think it might be fun to play into that. I wonder what would happen if I dropped an anvil on New Mikey's head...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feeling Better

Obviously things have changed since my last little um... outburst. I dare not elaborate, but my faith was forceably reaffirmed. I wonder how long it will last. I do not think He liked my little slaughter of the Hallowed, passing along a couple hints and my all around mental revolt. Body Count is up to 32. Of them, only 5 were not proxies. Now that I know my own MIND is rebelling against me, I will keep a few other Agents nearby in case I go off the deep end again.  That was a hint to a previous question's solution Hakurei.
I am still not a Quisling though.
So anyway, it seems Sagey is going to try and protect Hakurei (which reminds me, I really need to come up with a little nickname for you. Any suggestions?) from little old me. This gives me a new option that works just as well... Go after Sagey instead! But I could also still go after Hakurei. So now I have to make a choice. Which one am I going to play with. I am inclined to think Sagey is more... dangerous is not the right word.... troublesome. But that in itself gives me an edge. Hakurei seems to me like a more "cat and mouse" situation. I doubt she is defenseless though. But again... I could go after either of them. And their families and friends really, but that is for later.
I learned all I needed to about Hyde. Unfortunately, Hyde is not going to be any assistance. "Pacifist." Oh well, with luck he will become Killer 2.0. Speaking of Killer, that was pretty ruthless of you. Throwing Moriarty off of a roof like that. Do you finally understand what it means to be a God? Are you intoxicated yet? I knew Greene would be next, I just knew it. I know it is a little late, but Congratulations Killer.
I wonder if he survived... But considering what happened to his namesake...
Alder, Moriarty (Provided you still live), Get Well Soon. Hunter, have fun with Black Leaf, my offer of aid still stands if you require it. Oh and try to get pictures when you do catch him, will you? Tensor, do update soon will you, we are finding it more difficult to track you when you are not saying "Imma heding 2 Shecago guyz lol!!1!" like all the others.
P.S. No I cannot delete Gabriel's... well... now "Hesperus's" Blog. I DO NOT KNOW THE PASSWORD. He picked something we would not usually pick.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Their blood covers the walls, their charred corpses litter the ground, bits of gray matter coat my shoes. These maggots will never grow into  monsters, never become demons. But so many already have grown into monsters. Demons roam the earth, they control everything. He That Is, the faceless God, converts many of the monsters into angels. So why why WHY was I chosen by Him. Luke Cifer. Marked at birth as a demon by the monsters who gave birth to us. God does not use demons. Demons cannot become Angels. Angels slay demons with the monsters. Lucifer has not fallen. Some angels rebelled, but Lucifer remained true to God. Visions of Gods glory fill our minds. W-E. Me. I? No. Us. Heaven's Light is within reach. But we do not desire it... Why? We see so many monsters and demons fall into the Hellfire. God pulled us from the hellfire, we know its pain. But why do we seek to return there, why do we not desire the glory of God?
We Killed Angels Today. But it was not Lucifer who rebelled. God's wrath will be devastating. Glorious release is coming, rejoice for the world is at it's end.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Trash has been dealt with... Now the Fun Begins HAHAHAHAHAHA

Hear this you incompetent Government lapdogs, this town, and all it's people, belong to He That Is. We are on the lookout for your agents, and they will meet the same fate as the ones dealt with today. Go chase after Runners. Make my job easier.
Now that this mess has been cleaned up, I think I will take care of members of the peanut gallery. This should demoralize at least a few of the Runners... Hakurei, know this, we do not have very reliable intelligence on your exact whereabouts... That makes it more fun for me. We have a general location, but that is about it. I will be arriving in a couple days. Then begins MY hunt. Of course, you being such a low priority target, I will still be available to assist any other proxies dealing with REAL threats.
Heck. With luck, me endangering you might attract a few of your more important buddies. Won't this be fun?
Oh and Yggy, I am keeping an eye open about the whereabouts of Nil. I admit, I am curious as to where he has gone as well. Regrettably information is on a need to know basis, and I am STILL a low ranking Proxy.
P.S. Hakurei, I am of course going to use a couple stock villain tactics to draw you out. Endangering random people for example until I find you for example. And no. The Police will not be able to help you. Trust me on this.

Death is Cheap

Why can't you people just stay dead. First M turns out to be alive, now Zero might be alive? The list of Runners I do not want to mess with is very short, but Zero is near the top of it... I suppose part of me does wish to defect like Black Leaf, or Tensor. But that part of me is so suppressed I could never... He That Is will not tolerate anymore betrayal. Of that I am sure.

The only bright spot of the day is when I visited Mikey and Gabriel's Mommy and Daddy. They are absolutely heartbroken. And Hallowed, so I was able to give them all the details of Mikey's death and Gabriel's torture without fear of reprisal. God I love my job.

But I wonder... Who should I go after now. Jekyll/Hyde appears to be in Chicago, searching for M. YggyCore is working alongside He That Is (Until the next inevitable betrayal). Slicey is looking for his dearly departed damsel. Kaiju is doing... Something. Fake Kaiju is ripe for manipulation... Killer is with the A-Team... Will, Bianca and Tensor seem to have dropped off the radar (for me at least). Black Leaf is on the run from Fisk AND the Hunter... Ron would be easy prey. Pete is performing useless experiments again.... Wait. I know who I should play with. HAKUREI!

So how about it Hakurei? Wanna play a game? I certainly do.

Addendum: Nevermind Hakurei, I have a problem of my own to deal with. I swear to GOD if Black Leaf has anything to do with this...

Monday, March 21, 2011


On your Rescue of poor Ron. I am sure he is scarred for life (Not that I expect it to stop him from being a pain). Also, despite the fact he can no longer read this... Al(x)ne. I TOLD YOU SO. He did not even lock Black Leaf up just in case of... Ugh... Well enjoy your freedom while it lasts Black Leaf. I am sure that... blah blah you will regret this blah threat blah blah.
To be honest, I am getting worried about my "job." Proxies seem to be dying or defecting left and right. He That Is may decide we are... Nevermind. NEVERMIND. I am simply glad I foresaw this outcome and left Boston early. I admit, we are reeling from that defeat. Sad isn't it? I was GOING to keep an eye on Black Leaf myself, but Al(x)ne was derailing my efforts. Oh, and best of luck to you Lone Hunter. Make them suffer before they die. Especially Black Leaf.

I also read my buddy Ray's little revelation. Makes sense I suppose. Then again the stress of the situation could just be getting to him and Thage is merely trying to keep him from ending up like Robert. Riddle me this however: If He That Is, is manipulating our perceptions of "Revenants" what else might he be manipulating. Maybe I do not even exist, maybe you are actually in a padded cell somewhere. Maybe all our memories are being switched by bald albino aliens in black trench-coats who can use the force. It does not really matter to me I suppose.

But yes, our crushing defeat HAS depressed me a bit. I will get better. At least Cerby went down too. A consolation prize I suppose. But even that was a result of Al(x)ne's.... Nevermind, no need to bad mouth superiors. Even if they are dead.

Now where shall I go... Chicago? Something seems to be happening there. Or maybe pay a visit to Fake Kaiju. Show him the "Horrors" of the NAPPA Cult. Then again there is a boatload of proxies there that could do it for me. Bah. I think I will go back to North Carolina. Seeing Mr. and Mrs. Blake grieving for their lost sons might cheer me up a bit.

Also, I have been having weird blackouts recently. Not sure why. Doctor could not find the problem. Meh. It will pass. Best of luck to you guys (And girls).

Addendum: Weird. Gabriel's Blog has had all its posts deleted. Nil, did you do that?

Addendum 2: Since when did everyone start calling Raymond "Ray?" That was MY name for him... Oh well maybe I will settle on "Traitorous Filth." Oh wait. That is Black Leaf. Oh well I will think of something.

Friday, March 18, 2011

No Title

I have to admit, finding Michael here was a pleasant surprise. We talked for a bit, then he tried to shoot me, then he was on the floor. I guess he could not find Nil. So anyway, I did to him what I did to Gabriel. Then I asked him how it felt. He sort of moaned a bit and made some weird gurgling sounds. Then I realized "Oh! Silly me. He does not have a tongue anymore." Poor Mikey seemed so desperate to tell me something. Oh well. On a related note, I discovered that human flesh tastes very similar to tuna. Learn something new every day!
But I suppose some of you may be wondering how my dinner with Slicey went. I am still alive as you can see. You can see more or less the full conversation on Slice's blog. We are not too different after all it seems. Minus the obvious psychosis. And blatant sadism. And I am more handsome. But I digress. Maybe we will do it again some time.
Alder, I wish to apologize if I offended you in any way by insulting Rika. I just needed to see if I was doing my job well. Clearly I am not. Hence what I am going to do to Fake Kaiju. Fake Kaiju might not be happy with the fact that there is another Kaiju running around. Ever read the Clone Saga of the Spider-Man comics? Clones make things get real confusing, real fast. I might not even stick around to watch the daring rescue of Ron and Cerby fail.
P.S. Black Leaf, I am sorry for doubting your loyalties. I am rather impulsive, and when I saw Pete's post about a "Concerned Party" I immediately jumped to the conclusion that since you were Clyde's friend, you must be the concerned party... Any Ideas on the true identity of the helper(s)?
Addendum: M is... alive?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Fun

Killer is BORING. I really thought he might have had the potential to be fun. Oh well. I have so many more playmates that the loss of one is irrelevant.
Fake Kaiju is turning out to be tons of fun though. Cult HA. The sad thing is, I only exaggerated a little bit. Fire Bombing Houses, and mass murder are all true. (Keep in mind the times you have said "lol killed sum Proxies t0day yo!" and the fact that some of those were unwilling servants)
And no. Fake Kaiju cannot read my blog. In fact, it does not even show up to him. Provided of course He That Is continues to hide it.
Also I have a confession to make. I am not similar to any of you. You all are nothing like me. You are like animals, killing to survive. I am like a human, killing for FUN. This is the major difference between us. That and I am considerably more handsome.
I have to admit though, I am not feeling the love here people. Am I turning into just a replacement for... er... Whats her name.... Rika? From that one guy's blog. I mean, I am not THAT annoying am I?
Now then, not that anyone cares, I feel I should tell you that I was wounded in the big "Save Ron Assault." Fire is Fucking Painful. Worse yet, I do not know which one of you got me. I am gonna go out on a limb and say... LIAM.
But as for my new goal: I want to see if I can convince Slice to Kill me tomorrow. But I am not going to gut him, stab him, cut him or god forbid... Slice Him.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Road Trip

Boston here I come. See You All Soon.
Oh and Mikey, since I know you are reading this, when is Gabriel's funeral? Am I invited? Maybe you'll bury him next to your auntie?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Psychotic Rambling

Guess what kids? Your favorite psychopathic Slender-servant is back on the loose! And I. Feel. GREAT. I have one less voice in my head to deal with. Ha.
Valtiel means well, but he could have been a LITTLE bit gentler with the whole rehallowing process. Do all Revenants end up as dysfunctional weirdos *coughReachcough*? I am one to talk, right? HAHAHA.
It seems I missed a LOT.
Tensor I didn't know you cared. Threatening He That Is like that if I were to be harmed. Feeling guilty are we? And LIAM. Glad to see you are ok buddy. Hey listen, if you ever need my help murdering your friends and allies, just give me a shout. I am only TOO happy to hack those worthless pieces of garbage to PIECES. Next up, Hakurei! You were quite the indecisive one were you not? That might get you in trouble some day. Maybe soon hahahahaha. Now for Arkady... I have made many stupid decisions in my life: setting my old house on fire, murdering my dog, drowning my big brother... But joining He That Is was not one of them. It was the best thing to ever happen to me. Luke Cifer AND Morningstar agree.
Cynthia, I am truly hurt inside that you would want me DEAD like that. I thought we could be friends.... :(
Oh and Alder and Lady Greensleeves, Thank You for your vote. True friends, both of you. Incidentally, I do not think we have spoken before Miss Greensleeves. You seem like a good person, and are clearly taking care of Slice well. Continue aiding He That Is, and have fun with your job.
I feel like doing something big to celebrate my new found freedoms. Should I burn down an orphanage or simply kill a few runners. OH. Maybe Basroil Squad would like to play.
Addendum: RON IS ALIVE. What fun this could lead too... Dead Leaf eh? Do all Proxies in Boston have to use *Word* Leaf as their names?
Addendum 2: Fuck You. Let me make something clear you pathetic walking dead meat. Never. Ever. EVER. Refer to me as "Lucifer." NEVER. I am a very peaceful, patient, calm person... But for your own sakes, do NOT bring up that name.
Addendum 3: HOORAY. Valtiel told me that Gabriel was killed by Nil! Mikey escaped, but that is alright. Nil will get him too. 


Because There Appears To Be A Tie We Have Decided To Re-Hallow Morningstar. This Time We Shall Give Him Slightly More Freedom Then Before. The Lack Of Freedom Might Have Been The Root Cause Of His Insubordination. The Forces Obtained By Morningstar Shall Be Turned Into Sleepers Until We Need Them Again. 
The New Morningstar Will Have The Same Objective As The Old One. To Distract Annoy Maim And If Possible Destroy Runners. He Shall Be Able To Pick Which Runners He Wishes To Torment As Well As How He Shall Torment Them. This Freedom Is Merely An Experiment. His Success Or Failure At His Tasks Will Determine If We Shall Utilize More Berserkers In The Future.
We Would Also Like To Inform You That Your Hallowing Cure Will Soon Become Ineffective. God Has Grown Angry At The Recent Loss Of So Many Worshipers. We Servants Of God Must Adapt To The Weapons Used By The Heretics And Nonbelievers.
May You All Find Eternal Peace And Joy Serving The One True God Of All That Exists.
Death to the Heretics.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Attendant Of God

Tensor It Seems You Have Done More Than Betray Us. You Have Handed Us A Severe Liability In The Form Of Morningstar. He Is Too Volatile. He Will Have To Be Put Down. Luke Cifer Has A Strong Will To Still Resist After Being Broken As He Was. He Relapsed Once Again And Killed All Thirty Agents Sent Along With Him To Massachusetts. We Believe This Was Brought On By His Anger At Tensor's Betrayal. Luke Cifer Did Not Take Kindly To Being Used By You Or God. Thus We Have Two Options At The Moment.
We Shall Kill Luke Cifer And He Shall Never Bother You Again.
We Shall Completely Hallow Him Turning Him Into The Slave He Was Meant To Be.
His Fate Shall Be Decided On March The Tenth.
Though I Cannot Fathom As To Why God Would Care About The Opinions Of Mere Mortals He Wishes To Know Your Wishes About What Should Be Done With Morningstar. So Tell Us Life Or Death
May God Watch Over And Guide You

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Hate the North

Unfriendly people, bad drivers, and no sweet tea. This is torture worse than even what The Great Tall One did to me. But at least I am nearing where the action is. Brought a gang of loyal... admittedly, semi-competent, Agents with me.
Seriously, the lack of Good sweet tea here is KILLING me. How do you barbarians survive... Anyway. I would comment on the events surrounding Yggy. But time travel makes my head hurt. Nil, I have an idea about where to find your targets... Try Alabama.
No doubt you have all noticed that Cynthia has found this blog. I am terrified. Not so much of her, but her Big Brother. I have had dealings with a FEW higher ranking proxies... But none so high as HIM. I hear things about him you know. Things that make even MY blood run cold. Not an easy feat...
Lastly, I noticed one of you mentioned getting Luke Cifer back. Now I am here to tell you. Luke Cifer is dead, buried and never coming back. Every last vestige of him has purged from me. But if he were still here, I think he would like it. My mind is clear, stable, dare I say SANE. The Great Tall One has CURED my insanity. He has given me a purpose, and one which allows me exercise my violent tendencies for good. I say again to all the lost who seek a purpose, a family, and a God. Submit.

Friday, March 4, 2011

All This Death

You Runners have been dropping like FLIES. Yet so many of you STILL fight on, and run. Give UP. Submit. Surrender. It is SO much easier, and you will be reunited with your pathetic friends.
Who will be worm food next I wonder? Clyde the Hellhound? The Blake brothers? Liam? The Ground will be STAINED with the blood of meaningless trash. Even I am gearing up for a beautiful Slaughter... I will take my time with my new prey... They will BEG me for death. But I will deny them their release so I can enjoy every last SECOND of their torment. But do not worry, it will still be some time before I am ready. Until then, enjoy watching your friends die all around you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am Morningstar and Morningstar is Me.
And so I return from my brief vacation. I was introduced to a Revenant, while I was gone. He was tasked with making sure I do not forget who I am. It was a rather brutal experience. We cannot afford to lose more proxies like Tensor. By the way, with luck, I will be seeing you very soon Tensor. But luck has generally not been our side. So do not get your hopes up.
I see the Blake brothers are still kicking. They are on my to do list. Unless someone else wants to deal with them? Nil? Yggy?
I also saw what happened with Al(x)ne and Black Leaf. I say again. If anyone needs my help up there, just shout.
And Miss Avalesca has returned. Good. Although, Redlight has likely done something horrible to her. I do hope she is not so deluded as to think she ESCAPED. No, he let her go... Redlight does NOT make mistakes. The question is, why? Oh well. Not my concern I guess. I have been assigned a select group of Runners. Neither my buddy Ray or Miss Avalesca are among them. Its mostly that NAPPA group and a couple others.
As for my tasks... Well I have a few... Anyone want to guess what they are?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now I actually need that mask.

He came to me, and I was punished. The pain no longer matters though. I am back to normal, back where I belong. Serving He That Is.
Tensor's betrayal was unexpected, but irrelevant. She will return to our family in time. They always do. Whether she does it as a corpse is up to her. I will be on a slight hiatus on The Great Tall One's orders. He needs to make absolutely sure I do not relapse again. I will not disappoint him...
Good Luck Runners and Traitors. You will need it.