Monday, March 21, 2011


On your Rescue of poor Ron. I am sure he is scarred for life (Not that I expect it to stop him from being a pain). Also, despite the fact he can no longer read this... Al(x)ne. I TOLD YOU SO. He did not even lock Black Leaf up just in case of... Ugh... Well enjoy your freedom while it lasts Black Leaf. I am sure that... blah blah you will regret this blah threat blah blah.
To be honest, I am getting worried about my "job." Proxies seem to be dying or defecting left and right. He That Is may decide we are... Nevermind. NEVERMIND. I am simply glad I foresaw this outcome and left Boston early. I admit, we are reeling from that defeat. Sad isn't it? I was GOING to keep an eye on Black Leaf myself, but Al(x)ne was derailing my efforts. Oh, and best of luck to you Lone Hunter. Make them suffer before they die. Especially Black Leaf.

I also read my buddy Ray's little revelation. Makes sense I suppose. Then again the stress of the situation could just be getting to him and Thage is merely trying to keep him from ending up like Robert. Riddle me this however: If He That Is, is manipulating our perceptions of "Revenants" what else might he be manipulating. Maybe I do not even exist, maybe you are actually in a padded cell somewhere. Maybe all our memories are being switched by bald albino aliens in black trench-coats who can use the force. It does not really matter to me I suppose.

But yes, our crushing defeat HAS depressed me a bit. I will get better. At least Cerby went down too. A consolation prize I suppose. But even that was a result of Al(x)ne's.... Nevermind, no need to bad mouth superiors. Even if they are dead.

Now where shall I go... Chicago? Something seems to be happening there. Or maybe pay a visit to Fake Kaiju. Show him the "Horrors" of the NAPPA Cult. Then again there is a boatload of proxies there that could do it for me. Bah. I think I will go back to North Carolina. Seeing Mr. and Mrs. Blake grieving for their lost sons might cheer me up a bit.

Also, I have been having weird blackouts recently. Not sure why. Doctor could not find the problem. Meh. It will pass. Best of luck to you guys (And girls).

Addendum: Weird. Gabriel's Blog has had all its posts deleted. Nil, did you do that?

Addendum 2: Since when did everyone start calling Raymond "Ray?" That was MY name for him... Oh well maybe I will settle on "Traitorous Filth." Oh wait. That is Black Leaf. Oh well I will think of something.


  1. Poor Morningstar.

    Well, I think as long as there are people fighting Him, people like you will have jobs.

    Hell, play your cards right and you might even get a promotion!

  2. All of us are scarred for like at this point.
    Huh, Lone Huner won't need your well wishes, in all likelihood. He may be a deranged brute, but he knows what he's doing.

  3. We shall have jobs until He That Is decided we are not good at them...
    Ah Traitorous Filth (Or do you prefer scum?) good to see you are still alive. Enjoying freedom?

  4. Deranded brute? Yes, I suppose I am, but hey, at least I enjoy myself, Blake. You're the only one at fault for never growing to enjoy the taste of blood. You were always too weak to truly serve The Master to the best of your abilities. That's why you turned Traitor now, you snake.
    Heh, that reminds me of the time I took you on one my hunts when you were stil a fledgling agent. Allen wanted me to toughen you up by way of "on the job experience".
    You poor little thing fainted at the sight the "horrific" carnage I managed to whip up when I cut that woman from her privates to her neck in one stroke. Or was that I bashed in those infant's heads in with my boot heels.
    I'll do anything to get you, but will you do what's necessary to kill me?

    I thank you for the offer for assistance, MorningStar. I'll make sure to call you if I do need any help. I think I can manage a bunch of fools with only civilian level combat skills, though.

  5. It's their commando buddies I would be worried about.

  6. Their "friends" seem more concerned with that Scott character than anything to do with Boston.