Monday, March 28, 2011

Have I mentioned I loathe the Northern States?

Because I really REALLY do. Rude people EVERYWHERE. Bad drivers too.
So, I was checking some of the various blogs and discovered a blog made by... Redlight? Now I am too far down on the food chain to be privy to big red's activities, but it seems a bit off to me. Then again, I would not put it past Redlight to be simply screwing with people. Time will tell.
So, Sagey's buddy Forgemaster suffered a terrible accident earlier. Apparently some LUNATIC decided it would be fun to set his ENTIRE home on fire. What if he had PETS in there? Keep him in your thoughts and prayers will you? I get the feeling this will the first in a series of unfortunate... accidents, so long as Sagey is away from home.
Yes Sagey, we want you to leave Hakurei alone. You see, Hakurei has attracted attention from a few of my immediate superiors because of... I have already said too much. Have fun in New Joisey Sagey.


  1. Forgemaster and Green Man have both been updated on the situation. I take no responsibility for ANYTHING that happens next. Congratulations, you've pissed off the one person I know who may be better than me at what I do, as well as the only person I know who can mix tear gas with one hand and hold a longsword in the other while explaining the inner workings of a theoretical coil gun.

    I'll let you guess which is which.

  2. Now you see, that is all very impressive but it does not help him much if I shoot him mid-sentence.
    The one person who may be better than you at what you do. Being insane? Or is it overconfident?

  3. Now Morningstar, we've been playing by very specific rules, with very specific pieces on the board. You don't use guns. You went by the Proxy Playbook, one smart guy backed by a ton of idiot cannon-fodder proxies. If you change the rules on me now, I'll have to do something we'll both regret.

    How about it Morningstar. Are you sure you want to change the rules? Tell me now, because once we cross this line, there's no turning back.

  4. Sagey, Sagey, Sagey. I am NOT the smart guy of this little group of Proxies. I am a... I suppose I am basically a not hallowed amongst a large group of Hallowed. Hence I give the orders, based on the orders I receive.
    In other words, you mistake me for a piece that I am not. I am well within our rules.

  5. well that's funny, 'cuz i could've sworn that Valtiel re-hallowed you. y'know, during that whole life-or-death poll dealie that struck me as so strange.

    just another inconsistancy your master is willing to turn a blind eye to, i suppose. why is that, i wonder?

  6. it's a figure of speech, Quisling. now if you'll excuse us, we've got work to do.

  7. Have I mentioned I loathe you?