Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feeling Better

Obviously things have changed since my last little um... outburst. I dare not elaborate, but my faith was forceably reaffirmed. I wonder how long it will last. I do not think He liked my little slaughter of the Hallowed, passing along a couple hints and my all around mental revolt. Body Count is up to 32. Of them, only 5 were not proxies. Now that I know my own MIND is rebelling against me, I will keep a few other Agents nearby in case I go off the deep end again.  That was a hint to a previous question's solution Hakurei.
I am still not a Quisling though.
So anyway, it seems Sagey is going to try and protect Hakurei (which reminds me, I really need to come up with a little nickname for you. Any suggestions?) from little old me. This gives me a new option that works just as well... Go after Sagey instead! But I could also still go after Hakurei. So now I have to make a choice. Which one am I going to play with. I am inclined to think Sagey is more... dangerous is not the right word.... troublesome. But that in itself gives me an edge. Hakurei seems to me like a more "cat and mouse" situation. I doubt she is defenseless though. But again... I could go after either of them. And their families and friends really, but that is for later.
I learned all I needed to about Hyde. Unfortunately, Hyde is not going to be any assistance. "Pacifist." Oh well, with luck he will become Killer 2.0. Speaking of Killer, that was pretty ruthless of you. Throwing Moriarty off of a roof like that. Do you finally understand what it means to be a God? Are you intoxicated yet? I knew Greene would be next, I just knew it. I know it is a little late, but Congratulations Killer.
I wonder if he survived... But considering what happened to his namesake...
Alder, Moriarty (Provided you still live), Get Well Soon. Hunter, have fun with Black Leaf, my offer of aid still stands if you require it. Oh and try to get pictures when you do catch him, will you? Tensor, do update soon will you, we are finding it more difficult to track you when you are not saying "Imma heding 2 Shecago guyz lol!!1!" like all the others.
P.S. No I cannot delete Gabriel's... well... now "Hesperus's" Blog. I DO NOT KNOW THE PASSWORD. He picked something we would not usually pick.


  1. I'd suggest you worry about the fact that your Hesperus might have told me everything I need to know about what you'll do next.

    Or will tell me.

    Or we've been in cahoots this whole time.

    Just a thought. ^_^

  2. An interesting thought. More likely than not it is simply an attempt at messing with my head though.
    Even Hesperus cannot disobey directly you know. His hold on us is too strong for that. He told me so.

  3. Silly if I posted my movements it would be harder to spring any traps I may or may not have planned for any proxies that may or may not be following us. I will say this though we are no longer in Jerome Arizona so do not bother looking there.

  4. Yes. Believe exactly what he says. Either he told you that and was lying, or he told you that and was telling the truth and I'm screwing with your head. Or I'm telling you this because he was lying and I want you to think that he couldn't be lying with the clever use of a double bluff.

    What's the truth, Morningstar?

  5. Why would He lie to me. He has no need to lie to me, I am already a slave to his will. Bluffing. Besides, I know us better than you do.
    You sound like you think we do not know where you are, Tensor.

  6. Ah, I needed a good laugh, Star. That line about Tensor was right up the ol' Hellfire lane.

  7. Then tell me where you think I am so I can laugh at how wrong you are.

  8. I have been trying to get THAT information for some time. They will not tell me. Hence why you have not seen any trace of me following you.

  9. That is because they do not know either. It is hard for Slender man and his follower to stalk what they can not see.

  10. It had to be done, Morningstar. I... I had no choice.