Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Trash has been dealt with... Now the Fun Begins HAHAHAHAHAHA

Hear this you incompetent Government lapdogs, this town, and all it's people, belong to He That Is. We are on the lookout for your agents, and they will meet the same fate as the ones dealt with today. Go chase after Runners. Make my job easier.
Now that this mess has been cleaned up, I think I will take care of members of the peanut gallery. This should demoralize at least a few of the Runners... Hakurei, know this, we do not have very reliable intelligence on your exact whereabouts... That makes it more fun for me. We have a general location, but that is about it. I will be arriving in a couple days. Then begins MY hunt. Of course, you being such a low priority target, I will still be available to assist any other proxies dealing with REAL threats.
Heck. With luck, me endangering you might attract a few of your more important buddies. Won't this be fun?
Oh and Yggy, I am keeping an eye open about the whereabouts of Nil. I admit, I am curious as to where he has gone as well. Regrettably information is on a need to know basis, and I am STILL a low ranking Proxy.
P.S. Hakurei, I am of course going to use a couple stock villain tactics to draw you out. Endangering random people for example until I find you for example. And no. The Police will not be able to help you. Trust me on this.


  1. just... fuck you, Quisling. i'm BUSY, dammit, i do not have TIME for you and your middle-management asshattery!

  2. That is not nice. A simple Please do not kill me would have sufficed.
    Now I have to teach you manners when I get there. More work for me... Hehehehehehehe.

  3. Hesperus again. I..... >.<

    I will deal with this later. Not now. Later.

    Fucking hell...

  4. .......

    that's what i thought.

    don't worry, i won't mention it again if it bothers you.

  5. DO NOT TAKE ME FOR A FOOL. What is it you can see but I cannot? This is... what... the Fourth comment I have seen with someone mentioning a "Hesperus."

  6. i told you before, if you want information, it has to be a trade.

  7. Is that so. Hmmm. Wait... Is this some trick to screw with my head? Wait, no... Runners were not the only ones to respond...

  8. if you want help, i'm willing. but not for free. contact me when you're ready to talk.

    just... not now. i honestly AM busy right now. if i do this, i do it properly, and that can't be accomplished if i'm rushing to do too many things at once.

    later. contact me later.

  9. Naive. So Naive. There will be no release. I will hangthe Slenderman from the entrailsofhis own ThRaLLs. I WILL SET THEWHOLEWORLDAFLAME kIll EvERyONEeVerYthiNG KILLGODKILLSATAN REduCe existance to primal CHAOS.

  10. I made my position on you going after Ryuu quite clear on her blog.

    Go, Chess, and Shogi are games about fighting a large-scale war across a vast area. Gomoku is a game about fighting one person in single combat. Go after her, and we will play a game. As always, Black moves first. Go somewhere else, kid. You're not ready for this level of play.

  11. Apparently Tensor will suffer most of all.

    Alright, well Morningstar I got to thirteen but Noland is still alive so we're going to bump up the score to twenty okay?

  12. You're typing your laughter? Damn, and people say I'm crazy.

    You know Morningstar, I've been reading this for a while, and I've finally realized what you remind me of. You're like a little kid skinning live squirrels for a cheap thrill. So much swagger and talk of bloodthirst and sadism. But in reality, all you are is a pathetic child calling out for attention. You're practically screaming, "Hey everyone, look at me! I like to hurt people!"

    You have no understanding of the glory of violence. It is a fine wine, meant to be savored and treated with care. Aged with perfection, brought out only at the perfect moment, when it will create a moment of pure euphoria. But you, you treat it like a drunkard moving from bar to bar, guzzling it with no care for the quality or timing, until every drink blurs together and the sensation pales from heavenly to pathetic. And then, while still drunk from your exploits, you wander to your computer and spread the tales of your binge in the hopes of making yourself look like an Important Person.

    It certainly does not help your case that you constantly modify everything with a reference to Mr. Tall Guy. Let's shift the metaphor now from drink to dogs; as that is always an appropriate one to use when speaking to your kind. You are told to kill, and you run off eagerly, tail wagging. Then you come back afterward, and loyally await your next order. Not once does it even enter your mind to disobey. Have you ever considered killing one of your fellow proxies? Can you even imagine the taste of their surprise and feeling of betrayal? Their surprise when you create a threat from a direction they never imagined, when you pull out their entire sense of the world from underneath them? No, you can't, can you. You can only think of doing the tricks your master orders you to do. You're not even a dog; they at least have some free initiative. What you are is a tool, for someone else to use on their leave.

    And now I take my bow, and return to the seats in the audience where I can watch with bemusement as you shout and boast like a Saturday morning cartoon villain.

  13. Personally, I disagree with violence being parallel to a fine wine. Violence itself is a symbol. A tool to alleviate boredom. A never ending game and science experiment.

    I'm not sure if Morningstar has or hasn't murdered his fellows. One post on the subject was sort of vague.

  14. IT IS NOT ABOUT VIOLENCE. Itisabout THE PAIN. When a man diesheisnot the onlyone to suffer. HiS family and friends suffer as well, it is their pain that I seek. Killing is an END. I do NOT want the Suffering TO END if I can heLp it. THEY ALL DESERVE PAIN.

  15. @Yggdrasil: Just because one metaphor fits doesn't mean others are excluded. All those you listed work as well; the comparison to wine was just to illustrate the differences in the views of Morningstar and I.

    @Morningstar: See, this is why I find you entertaining. CAPS LOCK is certainly the highest form of humor known to man.
    Aw, you want to hurt them? Why? Because it makes you feel good? Is your reason for all this because you want to experience some form of pleasure? Giving them what they deserve, and having that warm fuzzy feeling of a job well done? What distinguishes you from any fool wallowing in his vice solely for entertainment?
    If it's all about the pain, why even bother with Slender Man? Drive down to an elementary school, and snap the necks of some children. Your servitude restricts your ability to cause pain; it paints targets and says "This is who you are supposed to hurt". There's a world of 7 billion people to choose from, yet you have decided to fixate on the ones the tall faceless guy wants you to.

  16. Why Serve He That Is? Because he gives me targets to inflict pain on. Technically I suppose I could have chosen to aid Runners but hurting Proxies. But really, Kicking you while you are down is just so much more appealing to me.
    As for what distinguishes me from the run of the mill psycho killer? Well, first, there are not all that many of us if you think about it. But I suppose I am no different really. I suppose that makes me boring to you. Oh well. I am not an entertainer after all.

  17. But if it is your goal to inflict pain, why are you even taking sides? Just go after runner, proxy, and civilian without distinction. Much simpler, and with far more possibilities. You could harm these people without Slendy's say so, as well as so many others whom you are forbidden to touch now. You use your slavery as an excuse; if you were truly strong, you wouldn't need such an excuse. You would take your pleasure without waiting for some faceless thing to let you.

    As for there not being many psycho killers.... Well, I suppose there's OnePoundofFlesh. But lately he's been acting in a way which makes me feel concern for his maintained individuality. Soon I shall be the only sociopath left not in the service of Slendy.

  18. If you can't beat them... And really, I have seen all the attempts. I picked sides because I found out about He That Is. And that marks you for death it seems. Dying like that means less of a chance to inflict pain. (Take note of this, everyone who thinks I can be "saved")
    Besides, look at all the miserable traitors we have had recently. Who is to say, perhaps I will defect too. HA.
    Besides, is loss of individuality THAT bad?