Monday, March 28, 2011

What the FUCK.

Bob 2 Came back. He was unresponsive, and then suddenly Bob 3 was gutted. Bob 4 was levitated in the air and ripped in fucking half. Some THING was hiding in the shadows of the room and was butchering them one by one. The Hallowed stayed calm as usual, but the Agents were freaking out. Idiot cowards must have never seen a horror movie because they did one of the dumbest things imaginable: They ran down the dark hallway in the hopes of escaping when the exit was THE OTHER WAY. The Good news is they bought us some time.
As one can imagine, I immediately ordered an attack on that "Green Man" Sagey was talking about, hoping killing him would get rid of Freddy Krueger here. Long story short, we found Green Man and Forgey. Between the the two of them and the Ghost of Jason Voorhees however, we were rather outmatched. Oh well. At least I get the pleasure of knowing Greeny will be taking an extended vacation to the nearest hospital after what I did to him. I wish I had more time to both enjoy his screams and do the same to Forgey, but I cannot kill a fucking ghost thing.
Fuck Philadelphia. I tried to civil Sagey. I tried to be nice. But when you send a homicidal Casper after me, the gloves come off. Even He That Is will be horrified at what I am going to do to you. The fires of hell will be a welcome release for you. You will see just how cruel a sadist with a grudge can be.


  1. My guy draws a circle, you draw a gun. My guy goes to the hospital, Your guy goes to the morgue. That's the Philadelphia Way.

    You nearly killed one of my best friends. What you think you're capable of is nothing compared to what I'll do when I find you.

    And watch the shadows, kiddo. They're hungry.

  2. I have no idea. I did not SEE anything.
    Keep in mind Sagey, you are not in Philadelphia anymore.

  3. Soon enough Sagey, soon enough. For now, I am going to see an Exorcist.