Friday, March 4, 2011

All This Death

You Runners have been dropping like FLIES. Yet so many of you STILL fight on, and run. Give UP. Submit. Surrender. It is SO much easier, and you will be reunited with your pathetic friends.
Who will be worm food next I wonder? Clyde the Hellhound? The Blake brothers? Liam? The Ground will be STAINED with the blood of meaningless trash. Even I am gearing up for a beautiful Slaughter... I will take my time with my new prey... They will BEG me for death. But I will deny them their release so I can enjoy every last SECOND of their torment. But do not worry, it will still be some time before I am ready. Until then, enjoy watching your friends die all around you.


  1. This is EXACTLY what we just talked about. You're WRONG. You will LOSE. We will get everyone BACK. Including YOU, Luke Cifer. *Joce

  2. Hell No. Luke Cifer is going to die just like Morningstar. Didn't you notice that he is completely BATSHIT INSANE. This was even BEFORE he was with Slendy. He was a sadistic bastard even before he was a proxy.

  3. Though this darkness closes in we shall not give.
    Our bonds last; even through his control.
    A brotherhood of immeasurable power and trust.
    His power may be immense, but we are innumerable.
    We are the small.
    We are the weak.
    We are the swift.
    We are the slow.
    We are the witty.
    The stupid.
    The blind.
    The all singing all dancing crap of the world.
    Hear our roar.

  4. but anonymous i am a girl and i feel that it is rude to not mention women in your comment, and it's quite sexist too. :/

    i think the proper way to say it is:
    "though this darkness closes in we, as in both womyn and man, shall not give.
    our bonds last; even through His control.
    a brother-sister-familyhood of immeasurable power and trust.
    His power may be immense, but we, as in both womyn and man, are innumerable.
    we, referring to both genders, are the small.
    we, referring to both genders, are the weak.
    we, referring to both genders, are the swift.
    we, referring to both genders, are the slow.
    we, referring to both genders, are the witty.
    the stupid- yes you are.
    the blind.
    the all singing all dancing crap of the world- but this doesn't make sense, you're calling humans dancing and singing crap now?.
    hear our collectively shared roar of-both-man-and-womyn-to-be-fair."

    dear anon, being dramatic doesn't get you anywhere. maybe next time try and shorten your drama a little bit and people might take you seriously. c:

  5. A brotherhood is not made of just men. Have you not seen Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood? There are many females assassins in th 'Brotherhood'

    And Man referring to 'huMAN'

    Your point is irrelephant. = )

    But nice try. I commend you.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  6. She still has a point about you being stupid you know. Just saying.

  7. Touche'... touuucheee'

    *puts on sunglasses*

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  8. I changed my mind. Luke's a pretty cool dude.

  9. but anonymous you didn't get the point of my reply- you missed the awkward elephant standing in the middle of the room.

    being dramatic only makes you look like you want attention. we don't need to be dramatic. my response was something i decided to do to be /even more/ dramatic than you were to show you how posting something like that is useless. i hope you learn a lesson from this. c:

    also take note of the fact you feel triumphant over thinking you outwit an eleven year old girl. golly gee that must feel good. :D

    also, what is assassin's creed? a movie? i am confused at that reference. :/

  10. Sure. Troll.

    If you don't get that look it up on

  11. Oh and in case you haven't noticed. The community we are a part of, those either fighting for or against Slendy, is a dramatic one. Our beliefs constantly shape the events around us, and I was hoping, with my dramatic comment, to give hope to those fighting Him, and to put uncertainty into the hearts of His followers.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  12. what is a troll? why are you mentioning fantasy creatures? :/

    but i am a follower of Him and i am not uncertain, in fact, i am quite certain you are a boring overdramatic person. was this what i am supposed to feel????

  13. Nevermind young prox. ^_^

    Well I tried. *shrugs*

    ~Eternally Anonymous~