Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Hate the North

Unfriendly people, bad drivers, and no sweet tea. This is torture worse than even what The Great Tall One did to me. But at least I am nearing where the action is. Brought a gang of loyal... admittedly, semi-competent, Agents with me.
Seriously, the lack of Good sweet tea here is KILLING me. How do you barbarians survive... Anyway. I would comment on the events surrounding Yggy. But time travel makes my head hurt. Nil, I have an idea about where to find your targets... Try Alabama.
No doubt you have all noticed that Cynthia has found this blog. I am terrified. Not so much of her, but her Big Brother. I have had dealings with a FEW higher ranking proxies... But none so high as HIM. I hear things about him you know. Things that make even MY blood run cold. Not an easy feat...
Lastly, I noticed one of you mentioned getting Luke Cifer back. Now I am here to tell you. Luke Cifer is dead, buried and never coming back. Every last vestige of him has purged from me. But if he were still here, I think he would like it. My mind is clear, stable, dare I say SANE. The Great Tall One has CURED my insanity. He has given me a purpose, and one which allows me exercise my violent tendencies for good. I say again to all the lost who seek a purpose, a family, and a God. Submit.


  1. hehehehehe nice to know i'm not scary. but i don't get how big brother is scary- he's so nice to me! and He is too, so why are you terrified? c:

  2. Because he might decide he has a use for me. As cannon fodder. Or worse...
    In addition there are many stories I hear that are rather unpleasant. I cannot confirm to be true, granted, but I would rather not find out.

  3. oh, most of them are true, but you never know, hehehehehe. c: