Monday, February 28, 2011

My Objective is Complete

The task The Great Tall One wished for me to perform is complete. I now await his command.
I see (X)'s games are going well. It is great fun is it not?
By the way. I know something you all do not know. The Great Tall One has seen fit to reveal parts of his purpose for Yggdrasil. Hehehehehe. It all makes sense now. Good Luck out there Runners. You are going to need it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is it with you people...

You are all scared, and weak. Pathetic human trash. Then you get a blog and SOMEHOW you gain inhuman luck. I Found Gabriel Blake. With his brother. Who I thought I had KILLED. The idiots I had do it, confirmed a body and everything. I swear... Do I have to do EVERYTHING MYSELF. This time I am going to take off more than a few fingers and toes. When I am through with you, Hell will be welcome RELEASE.
And then I will burn the bodies. Just to be safe. Hell. I'll cook them and feed them to the Hallowed.
P.S. Brandon, and Alex. I am feeding your corpses to the Hallowed too if this happens again. Let no one say I am not merciful.

Fun Times Ahead Everyone

And now we are back. I was hoping something big would happen so I could truly begin tormenting you all again. Sadly it was only the death of that Jeff guy. You sad fools did not lose much did you? But I am willing to bet his death was painful. I hope someone fills me in on the details, like how many times he begged for his worthless life before The Great Tall One snuffed it out. I get all tingly inside hearing about idiots being slaughtered like cattle. I suppose he will not be missed, eh?
I guess I will need to wait until someone who actually matters is butchered. Until then, I will be having a merry time here, taking out any remaining pockets of resistance. Its turning into Proxyville USA over here. Exactly as planned. Fun times are ahead my friends.
Also, who was it... Recessed I think the name was? Well Recessed obviously dropped the ball. Why were Jeff and Cheska not maimed? If we MUST imprison people, we should make sure they are physically incapable of escaping. Take their legs, their hands. Drug them. Anything but what apparently happened. With all due respect Recessed. Unless of course he that is ordered them that way.
Also, to all of Yggdrasil's friends, speaking as a concerned onlooker. Kill him. You would doing him a great favor. He is only endangering himself (and you) by joining with The Great Tall One. All he stands to gain from it is the deaths of a few easily replaceable proxies. Myself possibly included. If I may continue to use the red scare, have you considered what might happen if Agent Smith Redlight added him to the collective? Not a happy idea is it?

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tomorrow, I will finally make my return to business as usual. So there is not much to do today: The Hallowed are doing much of my job for me.
So I decided to try and guess what Redlight might be planning. I do not claim to be intelligent, thus I most likely wrong. But, if he does intend to betray The Great Tall One, I believe that business at The Quarry, would have provided him the means to do so. What if he did NOT destroy The Heel? What if he saved it? What if he still has it? A worrying thought indeed... But again, I am likely completely wrong.
As for His Excellency (Yggdrasil), please, do try to make the best of this obviously temporary alliance with The Great Tall One. With any luck, you will off your friends before THEY off you. Try to enjoy yourself a bit. Try to really submit. You might like it.
P.S. I have no idea what NAPPA is (Dragon Ball Z character right?). It keeps popping up all over the place, but I do not know who is in it, or where they are. Ergo I cannot touch them. Keep that in mind if he that is... sends you to deal with them your Excellency.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bad news everyone. I was unable to locate the body of Blake. I would like to THINK that he was carried off by a hungry animal. But until I find his body... And I WILL be searching... I will consider him Alive. Crippled for life perhaps, and certainly not a threat anymore, but alive.
In other news, we have HALLOWED. Including one of those kindergartners I spoke of earlier. I will now see if I can locate a few suitable individuals to convert into Agents. The Great Tall One shall be pleased.
Also, I gather something is going on in Boston? Something regarding "Cerberus?" While The Great Tall One has not told me to aid you, If anyone needs my assistance, just shout. I have recently come into possession of a nice sum of money (Thanks Blake), so I should not have any trouble getting to Boston if need be. 
I will begin my usual activities, despite Redlight's orders, on Sunday. Won't you all just be so HAPPY to see my encouraging comments again?
Speaking of Redlight... I have a theory about what he may be planning...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I disobeyed

"Slenderbane" may find it more difficult to make contact with potential friends now that I removed ten fairly important appendages. Among other things. I KNOW, I KNOW. Redlight ordered all proxies to stand down, but... he said "Leave Robbie, Reach, Tony, and pretty much ALL of the Fighters/Keepers/Runners alone." I doubt Blake was included in that "pretty much." The Great Tall One did not seem to mind what I did. After all, I left Blake alive. Ish. Hahahahahaha
A worse fate will befall any in my area who decide to resist The Great Tall One. This town is ours now. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Adorable

Oh how cute. Gabriel made a blog. Since I know you are reading this Blake, it is YOUR fault for listening to this "maniac." A few of our co-workers opted out of watching the videos. You could have simply ignored me. But you did not, and now I get to watch The Great Tall One tear you to pieces HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I was merely the enabler, YOU were the one who brought this on yourself. Oh, and do have fun trying to delay your inevitable death.
Also looks like your dear messiah Robert is getting better. Are we excited? Relieved? Or are we wondering when he will get worse again?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And so it begins

The Cornered prey has bitten back. The Great Tall One is hunting one Gabriel Blake, and Blake decided to do what, thus far it seems, no one in the entire town has done yet: he looked online. How do I know this? He came to me today, acting paranoid and trying to convince me of The Great Tall One's existence as the Slender Man.
Redlight had ordered us to stand down, therefore I simply smiled and told him that The Great Tall One does indeed exist. Then, and I assume he learned about proxies at some point... HE PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE. HE DARED TO STRIKE ME, IT TOOK ALL THE RESTRAINT I HAD TO PREVENT MYSELF FROM MURDERING WHERE HE STOOD iwillkillhimkillhimkillhimmakehimbleedripouthisspineandshredhisheart
I escaped from him, obeying my orders faithfully. But I suspect he will soon begin vainly begging for help from Ezekial, M, Nightcrawler/Specter, or... Reach. Once The Great Tall One allows us to hunt again, I will deal with him... If The Great Tall One does not kill him first. I do not think he will succumb as the others thus far have.
Oh yes. Already there have been casualties, I suppose I forgot to mention that. An entire Kindergarten class has been shown His existence, hahaha. I will get to see first hand if that "child eater" rumor is true.
Hmm... Maybe we will get some Hallowed soon...
Lastly, if anyone is wondering about my mental state, do not worry. I still feel great, The Great Tall One revisited me and helped me with my... Issue.  The pathetic human Luke Cifer is gone forever. Only Morningstar remains. Seriously, my runner readers, you really should submit... You would not regret it. You would gain a loyal family, and a purpose greater than mere self-preservation.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Day

Such a pity. Redlight ordered all proxies to stand down. No taunting either. Sad, so sad. I do love pouring salt into wounds, and one this deep... Oh well. I still have this blog. Why oh why do I still post here? Seems too... Ah, never mind. In the mean time, I should focus on having fun with my new position.
His power over this little Appalachian town is truly immense. But, the people here are strong and independent, as is the norm in this part of the world. They will not go down easily or quietly. But that just makes it more fun, right? It is also only a matter of time until someone checks the internet to find out why The Great Tall One hunts them. More Runners to your cause then. I will deal with them when they come, so do not get too attached when they show their frightened little faces. At the end of it all this town will be stained red with the blood of idiots.
Also, I am obviously one of the more uh... Visible Agents. Since my plan is well stated and easy to find, what are the odds that you will try to, I don't know, ask me about Avalesca's whereabouts or something? Do. Not. Bother. I know nothing about what happened with Redlight and Avalesca, and I am not about to try and guess what Redlight is planning. I may no longer be a mere human, but I am still quite mortal, and useless to The Great Tall One dead. By all rights I should not even be posting on this blog anymore, as I am sure Slend... The Great Tall One would be annoyed at me.
Oh by the way, I have such terrible fashion sense, what kind of mask should I wear?  I am honestly thinking using the mask and the, frankly stylish, robes from Scream. A bit overused I know, but it is more effective at being scary than a freaking Guy Fawkes Mask. Huh. I wonder, has anyone seen any Proxies using a really stupid mask? Like a Care Bears Mask or something?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Purpose

I am fine. In fact, I have never felt better in my entire life. I do not know why it seemed so bad at first, the loss of, well, Me. It is an acceptable loss I suppose.
To a point I think I still am me. It is just... The "Me" does not matter anymore. I serve The Great Tall One (Dare I call him "Father?" I do not think I have earned that right yet) and he is all that matters now. His will be done. I can even function much as I could when I was a pathetic individualistic heathen. I retain my memories... I think... As well as my creativity. I have all I need to be another useful weapon to add to his arsenal.
Unfortunately, I lack orders. I do not know who I directly answer to. Aside from The Great Tall One, but he is no doubt to busy to deal with a mere tool such as I. For now, I shall continue to spread word of him throughout the rest of this town, as well as provide "moral support" to people like my dear buddy Ray. After what he just went through, he certainly needs a friend. Losing his love like that.
You know, I really do feel great. My mind is clearer than it has been in years. I really recommend this to all of you desperate foolish runners out there. Submit. You will feel so much better if you do.
And thank you (X) for enabling this to happen. I am forever indebted to you.


itwants metobean extension ofitself I WILL NOT LET IT. I AM ME. I AM LUKE CIFER.
iwantedtobe his weapon nota mereslave
I Am Luke Cifer I am Luke Cifer I am Luke Cifer I am Luke Cifer I am Luke Cifer I am Luke Cifer I am Luke Cifer I am Luke Cifer morningstarmorningstarmorningstarmorningstarmorningstarmorningstar

This is What I have been waiting for.... Yes YES.

What an eventful Day yesterday was. Made a new friend it seems: My new buddy Ray. I do hope we'll get to see each other VERY soon....
But more importantly, I think The Great Tall One came to me. I think... How I regret being a Morning Star instead of an Evening one. I slept and dreamed. But I still felt his presence. Perhaps he shall come to me again later today. If he allows me, I know the perfect first target, and it is only a short drive away. He will have quite a storm to brave indeed.
Lastly, I wish everyone luck in their rescuing of Robert. They will need it. Redlight, I hope you make them suffer before they die.
P.S.   Hosozukuri, I am a fan of your music. Particularly of "Resolve." Keep up the Good Work.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thoughts of a God

A thought occurred to me. When The Great Tall One consumes the last lives on earth, what will become of his Children? Will he consume us as well? No... That would eliminate his amusement. Perhaps... Adam and Eve... Perhaps he would leave two of us behind, male and female, to ensure the survival of his prey. Meanwhile, perhaps he would go into a state of hibernation until the numbers of his prey are replenished enough to begin the hunt all over again.
Perhaps that was the origin of the original Adam and Eve? Survivors of an earlier hunt?... No... No... Not likely... He could not possibly be that old could he? Then again, he is a supernatural entity with nigh-omnipotent power. How should I know what he can and cannot do?

Friday, February 18, 2011

His Genius

I believe I can see part of his plan. And it such a masterfully wrought one. He uses the bloggers, to spread information around to the rest of the unwitting internet. By doing so, he lets other people know of him. Other people who will Fear him. And he continues to hunt these imbeciles, and they continue to post their desperation. He gets the amusement of the hunt, and the guarantee of new prey.


He has not appeared before me. Not yet. But I will wait, and he will come. I know it. I Feel it. But he is busy, oh so very busy right now.  His prey believes they can defeat him. They believe they stand a chance. Yet they cannot even rid themselves of Redlight. A mere tool, albeit a persistent one.
I have begun to do what I believe The Great Tall One would want me to do. I informed so many of my neighbors, and associates. Soon enough, they will be hunted like the PATHETIC ANIMALS THEY ARE, AND THEIR BLOOD WILL STAIN THE EARTH A BEAUTIFUL CRIMSON, AND THEIR PATHETIC MINDS WILL BE SHATTERED LIKE GLASS AT THE SIGHT OF MY ALMIGHTY MASTER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Serve.

I am a simple man. I have simple desires, simple tastes, and a simple mind. I like watching things suffer, mentally, physically, emotionally... I Love the sight of blood gushing from a recently opened wound, the screams of the victim begging for mercy or a quick death... It is the most beautiful thing in the world. But regrettably, I live in a section of the world that considers me a pariah due to these simple pleasures, and I find it difficult to engage in my little hobbies without interference by fools seeking to stop me.
Two Weeks ago, I discovered a strange picture on the internet... A Tall deformed figure in a suit with no visible facial features. Curiosity got the better of me and I explored the depths of the internet to discover what this being was. I found my answer. I found my savior. The Slender Man. Oh Yes. This is a Slenderblog. But not like the others, oh no.
Ezekiel, M, Raymond, Avalesca... They seek to flee from him or destroy him, the Great Tall One... And he hunts them. I, on the other hand, am not being hunted. I have not seen him nor any of his servants. As far as I know, he remains unaware of me... But That will change, oh yes, THAT will Change... I wish to draw him here, not to battle him... But to serve him. Yes, I will serve him. It was Fate who lead me to that picture, and the moment I saw him, I knew he could give me true purpose.
I shall join him in his hunt... I shall be yet another weapon of his... Oh Yes... The Screams of the Runners whose bodies I tear asunder will be as the music of Heaven itself... Their Blood will flow as rivers into the depths of the earth, where their bodies will be ravaged by the maggots and worms... The world will again be shades of black and white, with the Gray as collateral damage. I shall have an enemy. And a Purpose. All Shall Be undone.