Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Day

Such a pity. Redlight ordered all proxies to stand down. No taunting either. Sad, so sad. I do love pouring salt into wounds, and one this deep... Oh well. I still have this blog. Why oh why do I still post here? Seems too... Ah, never mind. In the mean time, I should focus on having fun with my new position.
His power over this little Appalachian town is truly immense. But, the people here are strong and independent, as is the norm in this part of the world. They will not go down easily or quietly. But that just makes it more fun, right? It is also only a matter of time until someone checks the internet to find out why The Great Tall One hunts them. More Runners to your cause then. I will deal with them when they come, so do not get too attached when they show their frightened little faces. At the end of it all this town will be stained red with the blood of idiots.
Also, I am obviously one of the more uh... Visible Agents. Since my plan is well stated and easy to find, what are the odds that you will try to, I don't know, ask me about Avalesca's whereabouts or something? Do. Not. Bother. I know nothing about what happened with Redlight and Avalesca, and I am not about to try and guess what Redlight is planning. I may no longer be a mere human, but I am still quite mortal, and useless to The Great Tall One dead. By all rights I should not even be posting on this blog anymore, as I am sure Slend... The Great Tall One would be annoyed at me.
Oh by the way, I have such terrible fashion sense, what kind of mask should I wear?  I am honestly thinking using the mask and the, frankly stylish, robes from Scream. A bit overused I know, but it is more effective at being scary than a freaking Guy Fawkes Mask. Huh. I wonder, has anyone seen any Proxies using a really stupid mask? Like a Care Bears Mask or something?



  2. If you must wear a mask. I would suggest wearing one that does not draw too much attention to yourself. I choose not to wear a mask.

  3. Dora the Explorer? That IS a horrifying mask.
    Masks are too useful to not use. Also reminds me who it is I serve so I do not get... urges. I am thinking though... Perhaps I should have multiple masks for certain situations.

  4. If you still feel confused about your situation just remember Father can come to comfort you.

    Do what you think feels good when it comes to the mask issue.

    Also who is Dora the Explorer?

  5. Thank You for the Advice (X).
    Dora the Explorer... Perhaps it is better if you did not know.

  6. Ok, note to self: if I ever become enslaved by Tall dark and rapey, I shall wear a Care bear mask.

  7. It's not like you ever obeyed anyone besides the Slender Man. I'm not all that surprised that you went ahead and did whatever the hell you wanted.