Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And so it begins

The Cornered prey has bitten back. The Great Tall One is hunting one Gabriel Blake, and Blake decided to do what, thus far it seems, no one in the entire town has done yet: he looked online. How do I know this? He came to me today, acting paranoid and trying to convince me of The Great Tall One's existence as the Slender Man.
Redlight had ordered us to stand down, therefore I simply smiled and told him that The Great Tall One does indeed exist. Then, and I assume he learned about proxies at some point... HE PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE. HE DARED TO STRIKE ME, IT TOOK ALL THE RESTRAINT I HAD TO PREVENT MYSELF FROM MURDERING WHERE HE STOOD iwillkillhimkillhimkillhimmakehimbleedripouthisspineandshredhisheart
I escaped from him, obeying my orders faithfully. But I suspect he will soon begin vainly begging for help from Ezekial, M, Nightcrawler/Specter, or... Reach. Once The Great Tall One allows us to hunt again, I will deal with him... If The Great Tall One does not kill him first. I do not think he will succumb as the others thus far have.
Oh yes. Already there have been casualties, I suppose I forgot to mention that. An entire Kindergarten class has been shown His existence, hahaha. I will get to see first hand if that "child eater" rumor is true.
Hmm... Maybe we will get some Hallowed soon...
Lastly, if anyone is wondering about my mental state, do not worry. I still feel great, The Great Tall One revisited me and helped me with my... Issue.  The pathetic human Luke Cifer is gone forever. Only Morningstar remains. Seriously, my runner readers, you really should submit... You would not regret it. You would gain a loyal family, and a purpose greater than mere self-preservation.


  1. its so great, isnt it? its like never needing anything...

  2. Hey, guess what "Morningstar?" I'm gonna kill you.

  3. I didn't notice it until just now.. but Gabriel and Michael are also angel names. Strange coincidence, isn't it?