Friday, February 25, 2011

Bad news everyone. I was unable to locate the body of Blake. I would like to THINK that he was carried off by a hungry animal. But until I find his body... And I WILL be searching... I will consider him Alive. Crippled for life perhaps, and certainly not a threat anymore, but alive.
In other news, we have HALLOWED. Including one of those kindergartners I spoke of earlier. I will now see if I can locate a few suitable individuals to convert into Agents. The Great Tall One shall be pleased.
Also, I gather something is going on in Boston? Something regarding "Cerberus?" While The Great Tall One has not told me to aid you, If anyone needs my assistance, just shout. I have recently come into possession of a nice sum of money (Thanks Blake), so I should not have any trouble getting to Boston if need be. 
I will begin my usual activities, despite Redlight's orders, on Sunday. Won't you all just be so HAPPY to see my encouraging comments again?
Speaking of Redlight... I have a theory about what he may be planning...


  1. Pleased? You're just a joke. Don't believe me? I'm WITH him right now. You don't matter anymore than the idiot you took out.

    And well as for Boston. . . hmph.

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  3. Just read some of your blog Yggdrasil. Welcome to the Family.
    I never did matter. I never will. All I am is but a mere weapon in The Great Tall One's arsenal. The only time I will ever be a factor is when and if he decides to put me to use, and even then I am still merely a weapon.
    I AM however glad to know you can understand The Great Tall One, and his views on what is important and what is not. Says a lot about YOU does it not?

  4. Yes, yes it does, thank you for noticing.

    I think it says, I get to off whoever I feel like, whenever I feel like, and however I feel like.

    But you've never gone near the NAPPA members, so right now I don't need to stomp you into the dirt.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Thank You, I shall. I think we are going to get along just fine, don't you? Our Father must be very proud of you.
    Say, if you can off whoever you feel like, whenever you feel like it, what is stopping you from offing Redlight? How about Fisk? Robert? Reach? That's a lot of power you aren't using. With all due respect your Excellency.

  6. Don't you dare call him my FATHER, or your Excellency.

    I may have exagerrated, Redlight might just be able to kick my scrawny little ass. Robert's . . .Robert Sagel. And Reach. . .well Ava scares me.

  7. Was it you that set up the Oliver! recording in the chest, or someone else? I really would like to know. - Liam.

  8. I was talking to Morningstar. Not you, Yggdrasil. -Liam.