Friday, February 18, 2011

His Genius

I believe I can see part of his plan. And it such a masterfully wrought one. He uses the bloggers, to spread information around to the rest of the unwitting internet. By doing so, he lets other people know of him. Other people who will Fear him. And he continues to hunt these imbeciles, and they continue to post their desperation. He gets the amusement of the hunt, and the guarantee of new prey.


He has not appeared before me. Not yet. But I will wait, and he will come. I know it. I Feel it. But he is busy, oh so very busy right now.  His prey believes they can defeat him. They believe they stand a chance. Yet they cannot even rid themselves of Redlight. A mere tool, albeit a persistent one.
I have begun to do what I believe The Great Tall One would want me to do. I informed so many of my neighbors, and associates. Soon enough, they will be hunted like the PATHETIC ANIMALS THEY ARE, AND THEIR BLOOD WILL STAIN THE EARTH A BEAUTIFUL CRIMSON, AND THEIR PATHETIC MINDS WILL BE SHATTERED LIKE GLASS AT THE SIGHT OF MY ALMIGHTY MASTER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


  1. You didn't by chance laugh like that while you were telling them, did you?

  2. It's called the Compulsion. The Rake causes it, not Slendy. Do your damn research. I had to do it on you, it's only fair.