Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tomorrow, I will finally make my return to business as usual. So there is not much to do today: The Hallowed are doing much of my job for me.
So I decided to try and guess what Redlight might be planning. I do not claim to be intelligent, thus I most likely wrong. But, if he does intend to betray The Great Tall One, I believe that business at The Quarry, would have provided him the means to do so. What if he did NOT destroy The Heel? What if he saved it? What if he still has it? A worrying thought indeed... But again, I am likely completely wrong.
As for His Excellency (Yggdrasil), please, do try to make the best of this obviously temporary alliance with The Great Tall One. With any luck, you will off your friends before THEY off you. Try to enjoy yourself a bit. Try to really submit. You might like it.
P.S. I have no idea what NAPPA is (Dragon Ball Z character right?). It keeps popping up all over the place, but I do not know who is in it, or where they are. Ergo I cannot touch them. Keep that in mind if he that is... sends you to deal with them your Excellency.


  1. NAPPA= National Association for the Pursuit of Proxies and Agents

    -Kaiju, Founder of NAPPA

  2. Ah. Thank You. May I ask how successful NAPPA is?

  3. Frankly, its a coalition of the Younger bloggers.

    As such, it has largely been a symbolic group, though active in Boston currently.

    Come at me Bro!

  4. FUCK!YOU!

    You're finished Lucas. First chance I get I'm going to fucking rip out your skull and SHIT in it. GOT IT? DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND!?

  5. My. Someone is mad. Want to talk about it?