Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is it with you people...

You are all scared, and weak. Pathetic human trash. Then you get a blog and SOMEHOW you gain inhuman luck. I Found Gabriel Blake. With his brother. Who I thought I had KILLED. The idiots I had do it, confirmed a body and everything. I swear... Do I have to do EVERYTHING MYSELF. This time I am going to take off more than a few fingers and toes. When I am through with you, Hell will be welcome RELEASE.
And then I will burn the bodies. Just to be safe. Hell. I'll cook them and feed them to the Hallowed.
P.S. Brandon, and Alex. I am feeding your corpses to the Hallowed too if this happens again. Let no one say I am not merciful.


  1.'s obviously not a good thing you're Following me now...

    More psychos.


    ~ Branwen

  2. I prefer the term "Enlightened" to Psycho. No need to be rude you know.