Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun Times Ahead Everyone

And now we are back. I was hoping something big would happen so I could truly begin tormenting you all again. Sadly it was only the death of that Jeff guy. You sad fools did not lose much did you? But I am willing to bet his death was painful. I hope someone fills me in on the details, like how many times he begged for his worthless life before The Great Tall One snuffed it out. I get all tingly inside hearing about idiots being slaughtered like cattle. I suppose he will not be missed, eh?
I guess I will need to wait until someone who actually matters is butchered. Until then, I will be having a merry time here, taking out any remaining pockets of resistance. Its turning into Proxyville USA over here. Exactly as planned. Fun times are ahead my friends.
Also, who was it... Recessed I think the name was? Well Recessed obviously dropped the ball. Why were Jeff and Cheska not maimed? If we MUST imprison people, we should make sure they are physically incapable of escaping. Take their legs, their hands. Drug them. Anything but what apparently happened. With all due respect Recessed. Unless of course he that is ordered them that way.
Also, to all of Yggdrasil's friends, speaking as a concerned onlooker. Kill him. You would doing him a great favor. He is only endangering himself (and you) by joining with The Great Tall One. All he stands to gain from it is the deaths of a few easily replaceable proxies. Myself possibly included. If I may continue to use the red scare, have you considered what might happen if Agent Smith Redlight added him to the collective? Not a happy idea is it?


  1. Father has plans for the hatchling so I would advise you to hold your tongue before you lose it. That aside keep up the good work. Also you should probably focus on finding and killing that Blake character; even if he has been throughly maimed it is wise to remove a possible thorn in the side in advance. Nip it in the bud as they say.

  2. Yes, Morningstar. I plan to kill him too. Maybe we could help each other? I take out Yggdrasil, and in return I spare 10 people of your choosing during what I call "The Greatest Thunderstorm Ever Made". Do we have a deal? Meet me at my hotel room, there we will rendezvous.

  3. If only the whispers at the top of the ladder carried to the bottom rung... Apologies (X). I have had a few of us search the area around the forest. Nothing yet... And it has been a few days... But we shall keep searching.
    Liam, I am not planning on killing Yggdrasil. He is bit outside my jurisdiction. You however are welcome to try. Bring Kaiju and that Shelby person. Heck, why not bring together all of NAPPA for a Grand Assault.