Sunday, February 20, 2011

This is What I have been waiting for.... Yes YES.

What an eventful Day yesterday was. Made a new friend it seems: My new buddy Ray. I do hope we'll get to see each other VERY soon....
But more importantly, I think The Great Tall One came to me. I think... How I regret being a Morning Star instead of an Evening one. I slept and dreamed. But I still felt his presence. Perhaps he shall come to me again later today. If he allows me, I know the perfect first target, and it is only a short drive away. He will have quite a storm to brave indeed.
Lastly, I wish everyone luck in their rescuing of Robert. They will need it. Redlight, I hope you make them suffer before they die.
P.S.   Hosozukuri, I am a fan of your music. Particularly of "Resolve." Keep up the Good Work.

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