Thursday, March 10, 2011


Because There Appears To Be A Tie We Have Decided To Re-Hallow Morningstar. This Time We Shall Give Him Slightly More Freedom Then Before. The Lack Of Freedom Might Have Been The Root Cause Of His Insubordination. The Forces Obtained By Morningstar Shall Be Turned Into Sleepers Until We Need Them Again. 
The New Morningstar Will Have The Same Objective As The Old One. To Distract Annoy Maim And If Possible Destroy Runners. He Shall Be Able To Pick Which Runners He Wishes To Torment As Well As How He Shall Torment Them. This Freedom Is Merely An Experiment. His Success Or Failure At His Tasks Will Determine If We Shall Utilize More Berserkers In The Future.
We Would Also Like To Inform You That Your Hallowing Cure Will Soon Become Ineffective. God Has Grown Angry At The Recent Loss Of So Many Worshipers. We Servants Of God Must Adapt To The Weapons Used By The Heretics And Nonbelievers.
May You All Find Eternal Peace And Joy Serving The One True God Of All That Exists.
Death to the Heretics.

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