Thursday, March 31, 2011

Round 2?

Slice decided to cut and run it seems. Now his brother Dicey is being set up to take the reigns. I dare say he will be a little harder to convince that this is all an ARG than the other one was... Could be fun.
Though I have to say, I am getting a bit twitchy again. The skirmish with Forgey and Greenie was fun and all, but it did not really satisfy me. Regrettably, intel is still... Scarce. You are very lucky Hakurei. But that luck will soon run out and you really have Sagey to blame. Huh. Maybe it is time to enroll a few of these newly orphaned young Hallowed into a local preschool. Know of any decent ones in the area Hakurei? Sagey?
By the way Sagey, the Jersey Devil. Really? What is next, Mothman? The Chupacabra? Bigfoot? The Rake? Oh wait. Scratch that last one. Point is, that is just plain UNFAIR. On top of being utterly useless against He That Is. Lets make a deal. You do not summon anymore demonic entities and I do not head back to Philadelphia and finish the jolly green jackass and Forgie. And if you call within the next 24 Hours I will even throw in a free shot at ME.


  1. Almagation if you summon the Mothman and actually introduce us I will love you forever.

  2. ^^;; If you guys recall when Setoth summoned Slendy to him, doing such things is highly risky and life-threatening to the extreme. I have no intention of EVER pulling that kind of stunt again. It's the kind of stunt you only get to pull once, because NEXT TIME, they'll see it coming, and then you're good and proper fucked. I'm willing to tell you this, because there are some fates I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies, and running into THAT thing in the dead of night is one of them.

    In any case, you don't have to let me take a shot at you. Really, all you need to do is leave Ryuu alone and head back south. That's all. Because if I do take a shot at you, I won't miss.

  3. And you know I cannot do that. So why not take the free shot?

  4. Oooh. Tempting. Send me an E-mail, lets discuss time and place. It'd be nice to get this out of the way.

  5. The Jersey Devil has a history with Slendy. See the blog, "Devil's Hiding Place".

    So don't act so surprised, Morningstar. Maybe we will see a Slendy vs. Chupacabra deathmatch in the future. I'm sure it will be extremely fun to watch.

  6. Yeah, you'd be surprised at the things that actually exist... After all you do work for a minor eldrich abomination.
    If that exists imagine what else could.