Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now I actually need that mask.

He came to me, and I was punished. The pain no longer matters though. I am back to normal, back where I belong. Serving He That Is.
Tensor's betrayal was unexpected, but irrelevant. She will return to our family in time. They always do. Whether she does it as a corpse is up to her. I will be on a slight hiatus on The Great Tall One's orders. He needs to make absolutely sure I do not relapse again. I will not disappoint him...
Good Luck Runners and Traitors. You will need it.


  1. You're a total crazywad. We've got plenty of luck, I think it's you that needs it. ~Frap

  2. When you Relapse again, I hope your master kills you. Slowly.