Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Hate Plane Flights

Urgent business is cutting our visit to Texas short. We shall be boarding another airplane in a couple days. They need to make up their Goddamn minds about where they want to send me. I found a Cow-thing that liked us. I named him Gregory. Gregory the Chosen Cow-thing. I wish they would have let us take him on the plane. He was so well behaved. Would have been a welcome addition to my team. Stronger than all the others, a fair bit smarter as well. More subtle than Jack. Not as scary as Gleeman.
What is this business you may ask? It is a secret. The Bloody Truth will be revealed soon enough... And it shall be glorious. Side note. Jack gets plane sickness. Bad. Tried to stab the flight attendant last time. We will put a muzzle on him this time. And a leash. Recluse will be holding said leash. Also, dear Tensor has left our group on some secret assignment.
To the NORTH WE GO. Again. Rude people, bad drivers and shitty food AWAITS.
I should really visit a few old friends while I am up there. I'll bet they are DYING to see me. HAHAHAHA Always wanted to say that.


  1. That pun is so bad it hurts.

  2. Aw maaan...
    Party time is over.

  3. It's not so secret and I've finished it already. I'm in Cali right now.

  4. "We will put a muzzle on him this time. And a leash. Recluse will be holding said leash."

    Nuff said.


  5. What Joel said-kinky.
    And also, I'll have to hold a party now that you're gone.
    I wonder if I can convince Cam to bake a cake that says 'the Cowardly Scumbag is Gone'?


    Your new theme song.