Saturday, July 9, 2011

Leaving the North East

About fucking time if you ask me. I am SO tired of dealing with idiot Canadians and rude Northerners. We are heading Texas, one of the States I have ALWAYS wanted to visit. Granted, it is in the South West, which is the inferior part of the South, but even that is better than the Goddamn NORTH.
I hear there is a lot of shit going on down there. I DO hope I can make it worse. I WOULD like a confirmation that the Wintergreen morons are dead. Especially Arkady and Setoth. Oh lets see... Who else is in Texas.... LAINEY AND CAMMY. Wonderful. I've been wanting to meet Lainey face-to-face for some time now. Maybe torture her for a little while. Yes... That would be fun. Lots of fun with knives, as I have been doing a lot of unconventional torture for a little while now. I kind of miss the sight and sounds of a knife cutting through flesh... That wonderful feeling on plunging it deep within a body...  The ripping the tearing the cutting cutting cutting cutting HEHAHA... Leaving a disemboweled, dismembered shell behind painting the blood all across the walls and floor just like Mothers SMASHING breaking grinding bones to a powder the remains frozen in a position of my choosing amidst the glorious sea of RED around it ORGANS strung up everywhere, we'll even staple the intestines to a WALL in the shape of an Operator Symbol so ALL will know and FEAR Father and his Chosen beloved children... KILL the unworthy, KILL the monsters, KILL the demons, KILL THE FUCKING WORLD KILL IT ALL I WILL KILL IT ALL IT WILL ALL DIE YOU WILL ALL DIE WE WILL ALL DIE DIE DIE TOGETHER FOREVER IN HELL!!!!


  1. So, um.....

    Does that mean you aren't up for a barbecue anymore?

  2. ... Um. Good to know I need to watch for you. I'll make sure Elaine knows too. You're not getting us that easily.

  3. @Omega: Of course I am. Who implied otherwise?
    @Cammy: We'll see about that.

  4. Aww, it looks like the Doc's got a little crush on our dear Elaine. Well, you know, how young kids pull the hair of the girl they lurrrrve... ;)


  5. Arkady and Setoth are dead, sorry...

    Also, has anyone ever told you you're fucking insane?

  6. When I feel better, I'm going to send all your karma right back at you in one shot you ugly, bitter bastard.

    Gonna go sleep more.

  7. @Lucas: Do they also rip those they love apart? Tear their throats out?
    @Dante: Oh Thank God. I was actually nervous about being in the same state as Arkady.
    @Sagey: Ugly? I'm not ugly.

  8. Doc, all that "I'M GONNA TEAR YOUR THROAT OUT!" is just posturing. You're afraid to reveal your TRUE FEELINGS. I bet you're all gooey on the inside. I wonder if Joel would let me have a knife and find out... <3


  9. Just thought you might be too busy painting walls red.
    Also, when we do throw this barbecue, could I ask that you restrain yourself for at least a little while? Tradition dictates that you join in the festivities at the start, until everyone else is drunk and not paying attention, and THEN you burn the place down and kill everyone inside. It's the little details like that which really matter.

  10. Although I am upset about your intentions with Elaine... I will have to say that since you're leaving the North East...

    When the cat's away the mice will play.

    Aka I'm totally going to party.

  11. Oh, don't worry Lucas, Hylo.
    I'll be just fine. It'll take more than Star to bring us down.

    And Lucas... maybe cool the bloodlust a little bit.

  12. Well, my vacation plans are set.

  13. @Lucas: Lainey is not my type I am afraid. Too stupid for one. Not particularly attractive either. Poor personality as well.
    @Omega: Mother and Father taught me a great many useful things. About humanity, about history, about science... And indeed, about Etiquette. Murdering comes AFTER the festivities.
    @Hylo: I will be back up there sooner or later. That is where all the interesting people are.
    @Elaine: We are going to have so much fun together, you and I.
    @Liam/Johnny: Texas is a big State. How do you intend to find me?

  14. Which do you like better, pancakes or waffles?

  15. Ahahahaha... You, etiquette? Don't make me laugh.

    Also, Omega, you're in Texas? Didn't know that.


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  18. I enjoy your work. I would approve fully if your students were not so adamant in the application of their gimmicks. As a result, if we meet I will probably have to kill most of them. By the way, did you enjoy Menglina?

  19. I really don't want to be in the same state as you. You're kind of a psychopathic creep.

  20. @James
    Jeje, dont feed his ego. XD