Wednesday, July 13, 2011


After careful consideration, and debating it with my colleagues, I have decided to leave Angmar here. To deal with Elaine and Cam as penance for his COLOSSAL FUCK UP. THAT FAT COWARDLY INCOMPETENT WORTHLESS STUPID BASTARD NEARLY CUT ME IN HALF!
So. Perhaps some of you have read Elaine's latest post. The plan was very simple you know. Scarecrow and Angmar would be follow Elaine around, reporting her movements to Tensor's team so they could stage an ambush. My team would then pick up Cam and converge on the ambush spot. Then I would enter with Cam as a hostage, and if Elaine was somehow still alive, I would use Cam to get her to surrender. The rest of my team would then secure an escape route if something went wrong. My GOD did something go wrong.
First off, Tensor. May I ask where you were? You had Tiger, Recluse and Gleeman with you. They would have been VERY useful you know. What happened?
Second, Scarecrow and Angmar should never have engaged Elaine. They should have fallen back and waited for backup. Scarecrow paid the price for this stupidity. I assume Elaine killed him before I arrived. Cut his throat it seems. Either that or Angmar is more dangerous with that sword than I gave him credit for. Ha.
Third, I let her get to me. Rest assured, that will not happen again. I should have cut Cam's throat wide open. Let the blood spill out. All the pretty red blood. Never going to let myself get riled up like that again.
Fucking Angmar... This will take some time to recover from this... Elaine. This is not over. Far from it. Sociopathic bitch... I WILL KILL YOU NEXT TIME. I will make you BLEED so good. The main reason I went after you in the first place was to hurt Sagey, but now I just wanna make you SCREAM. I will show you pain like you have never experienced before. I will make you beg for a death that will not come swiftly. Once I am done with you, there will not be enough left of the body to tell that you were even human... Which I am not even sure you qualify as.
Mark my words everyone. You will wish I had killed her. I know something you don't. None of you will believe me of course... But when Elaine's true nature comes out, well... I warned you. Now if you will excuse me, I need rest. My wound really fucking hurts you know.


  1. ... Why would you even lie about that? We both watched you kill Scarecrow. You've never had a problem admitting to killing your own people before.

    I guess it's part of your ongoing campaign to make me seem like a bad guy? Why me? I really want to know. Maybe I'll see about getting you to tell me if you're stupid enough to come back and try to fight me.

    Bring it. I proved today that I can beat you, you pathetic pile of shit. You stay away from us.


  2. Her true colors probably look fantastic with fall fashions. You are a tool.

  3. @Elaine: Oh Goddammit won't you fucking let me sleep. Were you just waiting for my post or something? God. You got lucky, and next time my plan will rely less on my idiot teammates and more on my ability to beat the shit out you. And you know full well that Scarecrow was dead before I even got there.
    @Sagey: Oh go get eaten by Bigfoot, Merlin. I am too tired to deal with this shit.

  4. I'm currently talking to an idiot who wants me to pretend to do terrible things over the phone for my job. So, I came over here hoping I would have something to snark at, because fuck if ragging on you doesn't always brighten my day.
    And you're a lying son of a bitch.
    Sweet dreams, Cockrobin.


  5. you certainly make a lot of enemies, don't you Twinkle?

  6. Calling Elaine sociopathic is like the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it? How is defending home and family the act of a sociopath? You're the one who broke in and threatened her and Cam.

  7. Right now were' in the county jail. You can thank Gleeman, and Tiger for the lack of back up. I've been stuck here filling out whitness statements, and trying to come up with away to pay for Gleemans and tigers bail. The stupid clown pics the worst time to pull his shit.

  8. twinkletwinklelittlestar
    f[r wjere ni prsion your comraddes are
    yuo doubtt hte father and be punisshd wel l
    so soon you see that father will kill you all


  9. @Tensor: Are you shitting me. THATS WHERE YOU ARE. Goddammit. Let me make a goddamn phone call... Then get your asses back here. You know why. Hopefully.
    @Mystery: What part of "I know something you don't know" was not clear? And we did not break in. Moron.
    @Hylo: Yes it does. It really does. I will have to make up for it by killing a few more Unworthy. Care to volunteer?

  10. I'm coming for you, you son of a tentacled bitch.

    I'm going to smash in your skull, and drag the fucking thing to Norway.

    See you Soon.-Liam.

  11. Temper, temper, Morningstar.

    It has been dealt with. No need to get angry. How about you get your team under control? At least my people manage to get along without trying to kill one another.


  12. If you "know something [we] don't," then why don't you just tell us what it is?

  13. Because it's more fun this way.

  14. Oh this is just fucking rich. You are all so much fun. Elaine, so glad to see you alright, dear. (Doctor) Morningstar really does need some beauty sleep, though. He's a dash cranky.

    Excuse me, going to go back to cackling away at this, darlings.

  15. @Iscariot Archangel: Right, right. Apologies. In a rather poor mood right now. Lost my temper.
    @Dante: Because it should be glaringly obvious, provided you believe that I am telling the truth. Which I am.
    @Liam: Have fun trying to find us.
    @Shady: I am starting to dislike you.

  16. Oh, it's cute, Shitstar. Even on your own damn page people believe me over you. Sorry dear. Enjoy the wounds.


  17. It's ok, (Doctor) Morningstar, I'm not very likeable to begin with, heh. But that's alright, darling, I like you just fine even if you come off as a crazy fuck and have killed... Well, I stopped counting. Everyone has something likeable about them, you do not escape that even with your... Ways.

  18. Sorry darling but you can't kill me now. I have some business to attend to and I can't come over and play.