Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Been a Busy couple of Days has it not?

Today we gave a little... Reality check to Miss KK. The Family member we met up with was in fact Andromeda. She had a use for us. As you all probably know, KK's... Daugher/Sister/Niece, I don't really care. Someone close to her was kidnapped by Andromeda. As expected, KK took the bait. We were told to expect tear gas or some shit. So we all had on gas masks, just in case. Sure enough, the windows broke and tear gas was tossed in. KK assumed it took us all out, and rushed inside with only a couple of hanguns. You can guess what happened next...
So after subduing KK, we let her and Andromeda have "The Talk" as I like to call it. You know the one. The Captured Villain being gloated to by the Cunning Hero. Anyway, so once Andromeda killed the hostage, KK went berserk and tried to break free. Tiger and Recluse were not having any of that. By this point, I was wondering why we did not smash her legs. As if hearing my thoughts, Andromeda let us have PLAYTIME with KK. Due to my lack of a prepared Death Trap, I resorted to the old method of beating the ever loving shit out of her. In key spots of course, I want her to feel everything after all. She was surprisingly resilient, though I am guessing the death of the hostage has something to do with that. So, I took a large hammer and broke off one of the hostage's bones. Took a little time sharpening it. Then I decided that KK should die happy. So, I put a smile on her face. A permanent smile.
Unfortunately, mere seconds later, the Path to Heaven opened around her and she was gone. Some blasphemous Unworthy DARED to use the Holy Power of the Path to save an UNWORTHY! As you can guess, I was rather upset. Nevertheless, the mission a relative success. No casualties on our side, the hostage is dead, and we left our mark on dear KK.
And now I have very long drive ahead of me, to another state entirely. Minus my team, they have to hold down the fort. My work is not yet completed.


  1. Cry my a river morning-douche. Naomi asked me a favor, and I couldn't just leave her hanging could I? It's not my fault you and your bro's do that whole villain monologue thing that makes saving people easier, dude, ya know?

  2. (amused) Oh, Morningstar, watching you work was one of the greatest pleasures of my week....and I had an entire week to torture and maim a defenseless girl. Also, using the bone was quite the nasty touch. I approve. Too bad our dear KK will probably survive. We can hope, though, can't we? Oh, and Tom, If you had bothered to read my account of events, I wasn't monologuing at all. I was speaking to KK, and when she ignored my perfectly reasonable offer the beatings began.

  3. y'know, your switching your name for proxies over from chosen to family kind of has me worried, especially considering how you seem to view your own family.

    just sayin'.

  4. You're going after KK now? Jeez.

  5. @Haku-Chan: Shut up.
    @Dante: I know right? Been a busy week.

  6. Maybe you should go on vacation. I heard the Inferno is nice this time of year.