Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bad News

We have arrived in Texas, and have been here for about six hours now. I did my usual thing of calling certain people who would tell me certain things so I could go butcher certain people. I was certain that we were not well organized down here due to certain BATTLES that seem to have occurred recently. I was certainly surprised when the people I called told me they were certain that I would not be getting any reinforcements. Which certainly sucks, but it does not really bother me. THEN I was told that I was to remain in Texas until further notice, and pick up the slack of certain individuals. Who are dead.
Thus, I now have a MASSIVE list of assignments. I even have stalking duties. STALKING duties. You know the kind... Follow along without doing anything just to scare the hell out of the targets. Why can't they get someone ELSE to fill in. Why ME. Oh well. No use complaining now. What is done is done.
I know which people I am putting on the top of my "To Kill" list now... First and foremost Elaine. Not her buddy Cam though, I want to see how the marriage thing plays out. Then I hunt down any lingering Wintergreen members. Dante for example. The bad news is, because I am so SWAMPED with work, I only have a limited time to take out each target. Then again, I do LOVE a Challenge.


  1. Oh. That's sweet.
    By the way, any idea why you're girlfriend's being helpful on our blog?

  2. I'm a complicated woman. Who's to say I was actually trying to be helpful, maybe all I'm doing is causing confusion.

  3. I'm glad to hear Operation Wintergreen screwed up your plans. Really glad.

  4. Oh and Morningstar I'm more than willing to help you shoulder the burden. Why don't I take some of the trainees on test run. I know you want to go after Elaine yourself. Let me know who you want to me to take care of.

  5. We will discuss this later Tensor. Not on here.

  6. You sick fuck stay away from Elaine!