Saturday, August 6, 2011


Jesus Christ I am freaking out here. Redlight. GODDAMN Redlight showed up. He is alive. Fucking Hell, he really is alive. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Shit. Ok... So we were all sitting down planning our next mission. Then we heard a door open... And there he was, carrying a metal suitcase with him. The Others did not recognize him, so they pulled weapons... Argh. Let me just give you the conversation. I remember it perfectly because my GOD was I scared.

RL: "Hmph, I see you've been keeping busy with the usual teamkilling and random chaos..."
(At this point, the morons pulled guns out and aimed at Redlight.)
MS: "You... Aren't dead?"
(At this point he sort of waved me off and set the suitcase down on a table)
RL: "No.  It isn't quite as easy as Robert thought, though the last few weeks haven't been a banner time."
(He snapped his fingers and gestured towards the case at this point)
RL: "Got a present for you."
MS: "Everyone out. NOW."
( The idiots went away, and I approached Redlight at this point. I freely admit that I was terrified.)
RL: "Alright, this is some hazardous material."  (He gestured to the case) "It's to be handled cautiously, now Luke, I know how you get when you get a box of fun toys, but this is a serious hazard."
(Son of a bitch used THAT name for me. How DARE he use that name.)
MS: "Right. Why are you giving this to me, if you DON'T want me to use it?"
RL: "Ohhh, time and a place.  See, I've got myself a..."  (He drummed his fingers on the metal) "A little insurance here.  In case things turn sour."
(He turned to the side here and I noticed that one of his friggen eyeballs were hanging out.)
RL: "Between you and me, Immortality's sometimes not worth the effort."
(He sort of laughed at this point... Fucking creepy laugh.)
RL:  "Due to the....malady from our mutually loathed and departed pain in the ass, Sagel...I've been recruited on the grounds of self-preservation, to find a way to kill a certain plasma spewing tree.
(He opened the case and there were 12 Syringes filled with a weird white liquid inside.)
MS: "And these Syringes can kill the tree?"
RL: "No, I don't think so.  What this a little concoction I put together, from a first hand sample."
(He balled his hands into fists at this point and trembled a bit. I think I know what he means by first hand sample...)
RL: "Anyway...these little gems seem to infect others with a rather serious affliction."
(He sort of put his hand over one of the syringes and then his tone got more quiet... I don't think he was actually talking to ME when he said these next words)
RL: "Roots, branches. It's like a cancer,  it just eats you up, sometimes in a day, or a moment, but worst...worst is when it just sits there and..."
(I think he remembered I was still there at this point)
RL: "Anyway, here's the deal.  If you don't hear from me in ten days, you get to go have some of your playtime with this stuff."
(He looked me right in the eyes at this point. Once again. I am fucking terrified of this man. I can't say why. But he is the most terrifying person I have ever met.)
RL:  "Because if I'm going down, I'll take the world down with me.  You see, it only takes a dab of this stuff to kill, it's almost a supernatural poison, you see.  Which is why I urge caution."
MS: "Alright. So, just how much chaos will this cause? Any particular people I should inject?"
(He spread his arms open at this point)
RL: "There's probably enough in there for well over a hundred people, so by no means do you need to be particular.  The people I'm going to have to go see, well, they really don't like it when you threaten the public."
(He shut the case at this point)
RL: "Do me proud, kid."
(He began to walk away and I heard him say... This.)
RL: "The world turns to ash..."
(And then he stopped in the doorway. I swear to GOD I saw something moving in his back. Just pulsating twitching movement. Something moving around in there... And then he left.)

Yeah. So. That happened. I am... In a state of shock and utter TERROR. I don't even want to KNOW what these syringes do. Goddamn. I... I hope I never see him again. I have never felt such a... Fuck it. I am going to bed. Dream sweet dreams with luck. Nothing about Trees. God... Father help me. Father help me...


  1. another thing. Stop calling yourself a doctor, its disrespectful.


  2. Remove the cases from play. You're a bastard, but you're not THAT level of bastard.

  3. Fuck, Star. This is what you get when you're stupid enough to work for fucking Slendershit.

    Watch yourself. That stuff is a bit beyond you...

  4. NO!!!! NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REDLIGHT YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING DEAD!!!!!!!!

  5. When a corpse die and returns to life. It's souls is still in the corpse?..

  6. Don't listen to Redlight.
    Not about the syringes; what you do with those is up to you.
    But the doctor thing. You totally should keep it. It added dignity.

  7. The Mad Ventriloquist did like the sound of Dr. Morningstar.

    But, can Morningstar back away from the syringes? If he can, he should. Because this is a bit more than babies and killdozers and... other stuff. The Mad Ventriloquist needs to read this blog more. The point is, Redlight doesn't seem like someone it's easy to refuse. So does Morningstar actually have a choice? If so, backing away is smart.

  8. Morning, baby, you gots to meet Red in person? That's sweet bro, I jelly.

    Stay frosty, Star.


  9. Brother.... please do not use that stuff. Far be it for me to say what Father would or would not approve of, but that stuff... it's bad. It's wrong. It makes me feel ill just thinking about it.

  10. Ridley, shut your face.
    ... I wish I could say I'm surprised.
    I'm not.
    i'mnoti'mnotI'mnot. (I'm not)

    Though dealing in syringes tends to be bad. Very, very bad.

    Trust me, I'm usually the one delivering them.

    Star, you're an irredeemable bastard, but you're not /that/...

    For fuck's sake. For fuck's sake, destroy them. Just... fuck. Nobody deserves that, nobody deserves to even /have/ them.

    I'll take them off your hands, I'm willing to do that at this point. Just let /someone/ get rid of those... things.

    ... Please. I'm begging you.

  11. I almost feel bad for you. Almost.

    I'd suggest blowing up the syringes. You like demolitions, right? We might get lucky and you might blow yourself up in the process, too.

  12. If you'd rather not keep them, I can think of a few uses...