Monday, August 8, 2011

Miracle Grow...

... From Hell. THAT is what is in the Syringes. Holy FUCKING SHIT... I am not a squeamish person but... Ok... Ok. Let me explain.
Earlier... Yesterday... I finally decided to put down Redlight's case. Eat. Sleep. You know. Do important things. So I locked the case in a room and gave STRICT orders NOT to go in and NOT to open the case. Terminator ignored me it seems. Samedi woke me up and rushed me to the room, now unlocked, where the Case was... Inside I saw Terminator writhing on the floor. I saw one of the Syringes, minus a little bit of the liquid laying beside him (God only knows what would have happened if it broke)... I picked it up and moved away from Terminator. He was screaming and bleeding from his eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hands. Upon... Closer inspection I saw something moving underneath his skin. He was begging for help... Then all at once he went quiet.
Roots I guess they were... Burst through his eyes, and out his nose, ears and mouth, jabbing themselves into the ground. THROUGH the concrete floor. Terminator was still making noises, so I assume he was still alive at this point. His limbs were beginning to twist in unnatural positions as well. Like a contortionist. Only it looked like Terminator was in severe pain. You could hear the snapping of bones, the ripping of flesh and GOD knows what else in between his panicked screams, still muffled with by the roots. It might have been a beautiful sight had I not been so horrified.
Tiger pulled us all away from Terminator at this point and slammed the storage room door shut. "What the fuck did Redlight give us?" "What the hell was that?" Followed by a long silence. I can't even tell you WHY I found it so scary. I have seen worse... Not MUCH worse, but I seen worse deaths. This one was just so... Wrong. Everything about it felt so wrong about it... It felt as bad as Redlight.
Roughly... Three hours later, we opened the door, and... There was a tree there now. It's roots dug deep into the ground, It was as tall as the storage room was (About 12 Feet Tall). It had no leaves on it's branches... It's bark seemed to have bones jutting out of it... One of the branches ended in what I believe to be Terminator's left arm. The end of the branch looked like a hand... I could swear it was twitching a bit. The aroma of death filled the air around the tree, and I could see that every fly in the building was buzzing about, trying to find the rotting meat that emitted the stench.
As you can imagine, we are getting out of here. Redlight will probably be pissed that Terminator used some of that... Substance. But he paid the price... It was not my fault. Not at all. We are getting out of this city. Away from that TREE... Need to get back on track... Back to the killing... Back to the fun. Away from THAT... Far, far away... We are keeping the Syringes close. We will not destroy them. But we will not use them... Yet. Redlight's orders still stand. If He wants us to kill the world, so be it.


  1. oh god.

    oh god oh god oh god shit


    That's... You would do it, Morningstar? Even you're disgusted by it.

  3. ... oh no
    oh no they're using it /again/ oh no oh fuck
    please please PLEASE Star, you know better than this, you've got to get RID of them
    That's no way for anyone to die

  4. ...Fucking hell. Even for you, this is a little much.

  5. You all will be pleased to know that we set the Warehouse this happened in on fire. I did not stop to check and see if that tree survived. We will use it again if we need to. We will.

  6. Oh hell. Star, this is a bit beyond even you. Even a moron like yourself should know that this water is too deep to tread.

  7. Who in /fuck's/ name would you /need/ to use that on?!?
    Truly. Enlighten me. Surely /none/ of us are that large a threat.


    For god's sake, Star. Can't we all just go back to gutting people? Did that not work or something?

  8. That's just.....

    Fucking hell dude. Holy fucking hell. What the fuck is wrong with you? That is fucking sick.

  9. You guys are idiots. Redlight tells you to do one thing and you already mess up and waste some of what he gave you. He's going to be very very angry that you did that. I'm sure he'll love to know how you handled the situation so "cleanly".

  10. Sounds sexy.

    I mean, what is this, I don't even...?

    Stay frosty, Star. Don't get yourself fucked.


  11. @Spencer: No. It did not. Obviously.
    @Cynthia: I have had a long discussion with someone more informed about this substance. I know what it does and I know what it can cause. Termy did not use enough to matter in the LEAST. Furthermore, he did this behind my back, I had no control over it. PLUS. If Redlight just told me "IT CAUSES A GODDAMN TREE TO GROW OUT OF YOU" then I might have been able to warn Termy with more than "It is very, very bad. Do not use it." Arrogant little rug-rat...

  12. I'm going to hurry up the return to the US. I still want my duel with Dark before he dies for a stupid , yet terrifying death.

  13. oh my...

    Morningstar, even /you/ wouldn't do this... Even you're squicked out.

    Please just go back to gutting people and playing baseball with the heads of babies.