Saturday, August 20, 2011

Minor Update

Ronald McDonald is now officially on my Death List. Cannot fucking believe it. That Clown's retarded minions fucked up my order. I demanded KETCHUP AND CHEESE be on my Hamburger. NOT FUCKING MUSTARD. FUCK MUSTARD. THAT SHIT IS DISGUSTING. I SAID MY ORDER FOUR GODDAMN TIMES TO THAT SHIT-HEAD AT THE WINDOW. THEN HE HAD THE BALLS TO NOT FIX IT WHEN I CAME BACK TO COMPLAIN. So I blew his brains out. What little there was. After that I asked to see the Manager. Very Polite man. A little bit on edge though. Must have been a rough day. He fixed the problem. Still. This is not acceptable. Making me waste a bullet AND my time on some jackass high school drop-out. Gleeman does not seem to like Ronald McDonald either. He decapitated The Fake McDonald sitting in the bench. WE SHALL MAKE THAT CLOWN PAY FOR THIS INSULT. Ronald McDonald insulted children of Him. Therefore, he has insulted Him. He has insulted FATHER. DO YOU HEAR ME RONALD? YOU HAVE INSULTED A GOD. YOU WILL FEEL HIS WRATH FOR THIS. AND MINE.
1. Serve Father.
2. Track Large Runner Party and Initiate Operation Gardener.
3. Find Elaine Again. For some FUN.
4. Kill Haku-Chan's Guard Dog.
5. Burn Down Forgemaster's house. Again.
6. Return to North Carolina to Pay Respects... Don't Ask.
7. Replace Dead Minions. (Will Probably look to the nearest Circus/Asylum for Potential Recruits)
8. Send the After Action Reports I keep forgetting about to the appropriate Family members.
9. Demand a Pay Raise from Superiors.
9.5 When pay raise is rejected, egg their houses and blame it on... Rhodes. I dislike him. Don't know why.
10. Meet With Andromeda in Tennessee. IF there is time. No Promises.
11. Come up with a Title to replace "Doctor." I am thinking "Lord Morningstar. Sir Morningstar. Captain Morningstar. Darth Morningstar... Opinions? Suggestions? 
12. Murder Ronald McDonald.


  1. ... Sadly, I support your last task.
    And why? Tall, pale businessmen in suits surrounded by mindless lackies, I can deal with. Murderous insane psychopaths, I can deal with.
    But clowns?
    They're planning something. I can just see it.

    As for a new title? Morningstar; Attorney of Law. It's just so... ironic.

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  3. @KnitWolf: Shhhh... No Spoiling Knitty. That comes later...

  4. Oh dear, I wasn't trying to spoil anything

    My apologies, little Star

  5. Quite Alright. You didn't know, Knitty. We forgive you.

  6. ...children are more likely to recognize a picture of Ronald McDonald than that of the president or Jesus. Good luck killing him. No, seriously. Do it.

    Darth Morningstar. Go with that one.

  7. Still not going to learn to play Harmonium, Harpsichord or Harmonica?

    Star, I am disappoint.

  8. Awww, I'm only number three? How sad. I hope those runners are worth it. I'll look forward to our rematch.

  9. Wait, large runner party...?
    ... interesting.

  10. @Dia: Darth does sound good. I admit.
    @Lucas: I am far too busy to bother with learning to play music.
    @Elaine: I look forward to it as well. I will not be as gentle as I was last time.
    @Spencer: It is... Fairly large comparatively. About 4 or 5 People traveling together.

  11. McDonalds is one of the PTC's funders, so by harming them, you technically are hurting Slender Man's enemies. Just be wary of bringing down the wrath of their gunships and laser guns on your head.

    Also, I think I'm a fan of Captain Morningstar. Has a nice ring to it.

  12. jajaja, Ronald carrying a laser gun, beware! :)

  13. Hey Morningstar, get ahold of me if you get the chance. I need to talk to ya.