Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We Shall Pretend that never Happened, yes?

So it is back to business as usual. Find a Runner, Kill a Runner, get Chinese Food, then repeat. We have quite a few targets to deal with in this city, so I proposed splitting up. One Family Member for One Target. I was sent after a 25 year old woman by the name of Jill. Jill's most noteworthy traits were that she was very, very poor. She also had an adorable little doggy named Cerberus. It was nowhere NEAR as threatening as the name would imply. Not even a barker. ANYWAY. Because Jill is poor and has a doggy to feed, she has become the neighborhood's "Master of Unlocking." By that I mean she is a dirty thief. Stealing whatever she can from whoever she can. She first saw Father around... Three Weeks ago? Somewhere around there. Tracker found her, informed us, and here we are.
So here was the plan. I entered her apartment, as stealthily as I could. I had with me a jack-in-the-box minus the jack, the music box I took from the Goldman estate (I adore the thing. Such a calming melody) and my usual knives. I butchered the dog, cut off it's head and put it in the jack-in-the-box. I placed the dog-in-the-box on the largest bloodstain on the floor. I placed the music box just in front of the door and turned it on. I myself, then hid in a closet nearby.
About half an hour later, Jill came in. I know this, because the music box stopped. So I got ready in my hiding spot. She did EXACTLY what I knew she would do. Despite seeing an unknown Music Box playing, proving that someone had been (Or still IS) in her house, she entered anyway. I heard her nervously call for her doggy. Then she found the blood and the box. I heard her say "What? What is THIS?" I can GUESS that she slowly approached it, knowing full well what would be inside, filled with denial... It did take a while for me to hear "The Monkey Chased the Weasel" start playing. I heard her gasp, wordless, not a SCREAM... And well... It has been too long since I have tasted the flesh of an Unworthy. We dined on Jill Sandwiches this night.
The other's did not have such interesting kills. Tiger killed his quarry in a park by asphyxiation (Anaconda chokes Platypus, I think he termed it). Recluse beat her target to death with a Golf Club. Gleeman used poisoned animal crackers to kill his prey (NEVER, EVER ACCEPT FOOD FROM FUCKING CLOWNS.) Darkhorse ran his target over with a car. Samedi claims he had a sword duel to the death with his target. I think he is full of shit and just shanked the fucker from behind. Jack... I am not sure what the hell he dead. He came back to us carrying a bloody sleeping bag. His target was not the person inside, nor were they the only source of the blood. He assured us that the target was most certainly dead. The questions is, how many OTHER people are most certainly dead.
Also do not worry. The Syringes are locked away tightly, and I doubt these idiots are going to mess with them anymore. Unless I tell them to, of course. I admit... I have some reservations about using them. But orders are orders, right? Redlight is family under Father. Right? Father knows best.
Addendum: Jack killed Twelve campers before he got the right one. According to him "Yonder knaves were committing art most grievous sin of hither yond fornication. HARK! I haveth punishedith thine targeths for their SIN."


  1. Redlight doesn't work for HIM anymore.

    He's a free Agent right now.

    I trust you, Morning Star.

    I know you. You are not the man who will doom humanity.

    Not unless you can do it with your own bare hands.

  2. Rach has a point, Star. You don't have to do shit. And if the world is dead then who will you kill?

    Something to think about.

  3. If everyone is dead, then I have done my job well and can retire to hell. Redlight is still above me, so I must obey.

  4. ...Jill sandwiches? Cannibalism is monstrous. Disgusting, too. You are a disgrace..

  5. Jill could have had it worse before she was killed... at least it was not Chris' blood

  6. @Zia: Cannibalism is delicious. You have no taste.
    @KnitWolf: How... Did... You know her Boyfriend's name was Chris?

  7. I have taste. That does not involve killing and eating fellow humans.
    I think it is you who is tasteless.