Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Judgement Day

So. Yeah. I changed my mind. Are you really surprised?
ANYWAY now that this little distraction is over, I need to get back to slaughtering unlucky morons in cartoonish ways. I admit. It has been too long since I have had a round of Flaming Baby Baseball, or forced an idiot to play "Dodge the Anvil." Frankly, I feel that the bit depression I have had is due to a drop in my creativity. It is annoying and it needs to be fixed. And so it shall. We have a GROUP of Runners just WAITING to be slaughtered. And I have a glorious, GLORIOUS plan.
Also. Need some feedback here... Am I the only one here that finds Furbies Creepy? And how plausible is it to install Cameras in their eyes? My Duck Plan kind of fell through. This is the backup... Actually. A LOT of my to-do lists activities fell through. I am especially sad about not getting the bicycle Arkady promised. Why did you have to go and kill yourself like that? Jackass.
Anyway. I am sure everyone is happy I am not causing the end of the world. This Year. Hehehe. We will be hanging on to the Syringes though. Maybe we can use them once or twice more. So. How about a revised list?

1. Serve Father.
2. Track Large Runner Party and Initiate Operation Gardener.
3. Find Elaine Again. For some FUN.
4. Kill Haku-Chan's Guard Dog.
5. Burn Down Forgemaster's house. Again.
6. Return to North Carolina to Pay Respects... Don't Ask.
7. Replace Dead Minions. (Will Probably look to the nearest Circus/Asylum for Potential Recruits)
8. Send the After Action Reports I keep forgetting about to the appropriate Family members.
9. Demand a Pay Raise from Superiors.
9.5 When pay raise is rejected, egg their houses and blame it on... Rhodes. I dislike him. Don't know why.
10. Meet With Andromeda in Tennessee. IF there is time. No Promises.


  1. To be perfectly honest, if you weren't working for Him and weren't so psychotic, I think me and you would get along Mr. Star.

  2. Out of a list of 19, I was once 18. Now out of a list of 10, I'm 4th. I didn't realize you cared so much~

    Furbies are beyond creepy. If they can put cameras in pens, I'm sure you group of idiots can figure out putting them in the eyes.

    Oh, and just so you know... Called It.

  3. Awww oh well, I guess I'll save the confetti for the next time the world is supposed to end hahaha

  4. You should learn to play the Harmonium. It'd give you a hobby outside killing people.


  5. @"Mad" Hatter: No, I don't think we would get along at all. I dislike people who pretend to be insane.
    @My Darling Michelle: OF course I care. I wouldn't have rescued you from your false family and boring Canadian farm life otherwise.
    @KnitWolf: Sorry to disappoint.
    @Lucas: Bah. Killing people is a better hobby. Very fulfilling and time consuming... Just Ask Joel.

  6. Pretend? You clearly don't know me very well, Luke. I just love to push buttons that would get me killed, very good sign of insanity.

  7. Actually that is a sign of stupidity. Do not confuse the two.

  8. Not surprised, Star, but it is good to hear.

    You're welcome to come see me any time you want to get your ass kicked again. I'd be happy to do the honors.

    Furbies are indeed creepy as hell, and I'm betting you totally could put a camera in the eye.

    Good to see you up and about and ready to get your ass handed to you by some runner who's smarter than you think. Like me. I'll be waiting.

  9. I knew you wouldn't really do it.

  10. Furbies come straight from the depths of Hell. As far as I am concerned, if you are in the presence of one for too long, it will suck out your soul.
    If I thought you had a soul, I'd encourage you to spend as mush time as possible with one.

  11. Hey Star, you can dislike Rhodes all you want. There's no need to have a reason. He's a bastard and we should all despise him. I would so enjoy running him over with a lawnmower. But hey, your thing works too.

    Stay frosty.

  12. If you weren't so incredibly insane, I'd almost be glad.
    .. though I have to admit, looking at those comments where I'm literally /begging/-
    Okay. Enough bringing up embarrassing (READ: entertaining) subjects for one day, I think.

    And one of those... things. /UHG/. One was doing a delivery and the damn thing didn't say /anything/ until it was the opportune time to scare me out of my skin. It ended up in bits.

  13. I'm not on your list anymore?

    I expect more from you.

  14. Dude, okay, look, I know you envy my salary but that's no reason to be a whiny little bitch about it.

    Nice to see your ambitions are as pathetic as ever. I mean do your superiors even have houses?

    OH- and furbies are the darkest of evils. Honestly I don't know why the bloggers try to kill us when those little shit-furs are around.

  15. Hatter is a case of Catch 22.

  16. @Elaine: You won't have to wait long. I promise you that.
    @Ridley: If You can get a lawnmower NEAR Rhodes, by all means, Kill the bastard. I can just pin the egging thing on someone else.
    @Sagey: I'm just not feeling it anymore Sagey. That SPARK that made our relationship so wonderful and fulfilling in the first place. It's just not there anymore. It hurts me to say this, it really does, but I think we are going to have to call this relationship off. You understand don't you?
    @Rhodes: I DESERVE a bigger salary than some AMATEUR like yourself. My Body Count is bigger, and I am CLEARLY the more competent one between us. And yes my superiors have houses. I just have to find them. Then egg them. Then pin it on you somehow. Prick.
    @Sopia: Indeed.

  17. Awwwwww. I'd been hoping this would be resolved through an extended action sequence; preferably one which involved Amalsage leaping through a skylight onto one of your minions.

  18. Thank you, Star, for not doing the thing.

    Maybe you're not all bad

  19. Be scared.

    I'm sorry

    I know where I'm going...