Friday, June 10, 2011

Update on the Secret Weapon

It should be finished tomorrow. Then comes our second problem: Getting the Goddamn thing up here. They built the thing in Illinois and I am in fucking Hockey Land. This thing would attract a LOT of attention from border officials.  The Good News however is, border officials are as easily bribe-able as anyone else. And if we have the money to BUILD one of these things, we SURE as hell have the money to pay a few people to look the other way. And everyone involved is excited to test this thing out.
But we do have some bad news from the Goldman Estate. Mr. McGivern is actually moving against our spies. Now, we do not actually need them in there anymore, but it is beneficial for us to know what is going on inside that place. So I am going to have one of the spies start "slipping up" to draw attention away from the other spies. Naturally I cannot make it too obvious, otherwise it McGivern could figure out what we are really doing. Aren't I SMART. Hehehehehehehe.
Also I found this LOVELY new Blouse. In the woods. Because there is no store for several miles... Or should I say kilometers here. It PERFECTLY matches my new DRESS and HIGH HEELS and TIARA that I bought off of a rich squirrel (Cost me my nuts though, what a fucking rip-off). It's got a mysterious stain in it though. I wonder where that came from.


  1. Is the secret weapon a proxy catapult? Because that would be awesome, flying over the walls, past security and the target is dead from the impact.

    You should go first.


  2. "rip-off"... *giggles*

    that canadian squirrel is damn lucky.

  3. @Lucas: A Catapult? Bah. Never. A FLAMING Catapult though... THAT would be awesome. And instead of shooting chosen out of it, we should shoot annoying Unworthies out of it. Care to volunteer?
    @The Giggling Gits: What are you laughing about?

  4. Nuts as in nuts you eat or you're're...the things that made you Luke and Lucy. Because the former would hilarious. And then depressing...

  5. The Former. GOD. The Former.
    That is just sick man.

  6. Luke and not Lucy*. Forgive that typo.

    And yes, it would've been sick.

  7. see, i was picturing the latter. and then the statement was followed by "rip off", which just doubled my amusement. just as a figure of speech, of course. like saying something cost you an arm and a leg? this time it cost you your nuts. XD

    god, why do i have to explain your own (unintentional) joke to you?

  8. I agree with Hakurei Ryuu, that was part of the humor.