Friday, June 17, 2011

The Slendermobile

I believe I mentioned getting the inspiration for this weapon by reading a Cracked Article. This is that article:
The Killdozer. A marvelous invention. For those of you too lazy to click the link, The Killdozer is basically a tank. And now I GET TO RIDE IN ONE. THINK of the CARNAGE that will ensue! We even made a few additions. LIKE FLAMETHROWERS. And a paint job. We even gave it a name: "THE SLENDERMOBILE."
I wish the others could see it.
ANYWAY. Here is the plan. We are going to drive the thing up to the gate, and our inside guys will make sure it is open. Then we light the place up. LEAD, FIRE AND THE SCREEEEAMS OF THE UNWORTHY WILL FILL THE AIR!!!
After clearing out the courtyard, all but three of us will leave the Slendermobile. Naturally any remaining security will probably try to kill us at this point, so the Slendermobile will give us cover and covering fire. We will then make our way into the Goldman Mansion and make up for not being able to torture the BITCH. Gotta say, we could use a little bit of fun after last nights FAILURE.
Wish us luck kids.


  1. Awww, shit yo!
    That is bitchin! Positively bitchin!

    Good luck dawg. Sounds like it's gonna be one helluva party up in there.

    Stay frosty peoples.


  2. Now we find out that Morningstar has always wanted to be a Batman villain.

  3. ...where are those emp bombs when you need them?..

  4. You know what would be funny, Luci?

    If your target read your blog.

  5. It says here that he wasn't intending on getting out once he got in. Was one of the new additions doors?

    The Mad Ventriloquist doesn't want anybody dead, but has to admit that's pretty awesome.