Monday, June 6, 2011

A Post for Waiting

You know, I have always wondered what all those Slasher movie villains do when they are not stalking and murdering people. I think I know the answer. They sit on their asses and WAIT. Waiting is perhaps the worst thing in the world. I hate it. You unworthy have it real lucky sometimes you know that? Constant action. Father could appear at any time and drag you screaming all the way down to hell. But for us, the Chosen? We have to wait for the Ok to do ANYTHING. The Hallowed don't mind this because they don't really mind ANYTHING anymore. But Agents? We have to amuse ourselves somehow. I'm halfway considering watching fucking Television. I never do that. Well aside from the news and the weather and all that important shit.
A pity Cartoon Network does not have anything GOOD on anymore. Travel Channel just makes me hungry. Chiller isn't scary anymore. The History Channels are nice though, if a bit boring at times. Disney has become shit.
I could always read a book. The problem is, while I am sure there are plenty in the Goldman Estate, I do not have any HERE. Same problem with movies.
I KNOW the secret weapon will take time to build and ship up here. The guy who built it the first time around took three months. The difference between him and us? We have manpower and a budget. We are also going to add a few things on... Like paint. I wonder if we should paint Operator Symbols on it, just for the hell of it. We also might want to make the thing move faster... I hear that the original was ungodly slow. A pity they already shot down my idea for a knife gun. You know. A Gun that shoots knives. Huh... Maybe they go for a carrot gun then?
Ah.. Anyway, the thing should be done within the week. Should. Until then... OH. I'M GONNA GO SHOPPING.


  1. i hear potato guns are popular.

    also, constant action my ass. i - hate - waiting!

  2. Morningstar, have you ever thought about community theater or volunteer work?

    I find my work in the neighborhood garden to be quite rewarding.

  3. The Mad Ventriloquist remembers waiting for the ok to do things. He found it boring. Now he doesn't worry about it. Just sits around and drinks. And occasionally pukes.

    He also thinks a knife gun sounds amazing but impractical.

  4. Morningstar, holmes... we should hang sometime... dead baby baseball... FLAMING DEAD BABY BASEBALL!!!!

    Good times, good times for all.

    Stay frosty, we're watching always.

  5. I know what you mean. Waiting sucks.

  6. Surprisingly, I can actually identify with you now. Boredom sucks,

  7. and yeah, Cartoon Network sucked... in the mid 2000's, which is when I stopped watching it. I can only imagine what a monstrosity it has become now.

    I miss the 90's.

  8. @Haku-Chan: Do you know? In that case, when the time comes, I will make you WAIT for death.
    @Maury: If the community is not paying me, then I am not doing ANYTHING for those unworthy morons.
    @Ventriloquist: That's what THEY said too.
    @Ridley: We should hang out sometime, shouldn't we.
    @Killer: No... You cannot imagine it. There are Live Action shows on Cartoon Network. LIVE. ACTION. SHOWS. ON CARTOON NETWORK. The Horror...

  9. I thought you'd like the History Channel. Every other programme is about the Nazis. Mass-murderers, just like your boss!

  10. Oh please. The Nazis killed people because they were "Different." We kill people because it is FUN. Or we are ordered to. Either way. We are not that selective of WHO we kill.
    We here at SlenderChosen Inc. do not approve of Racism, Sexism, Rape, Pedophilia or the color Green.
    Besides, child. How many poor innocent insects have you killed in your life? How many Bacteria? In essence it is the same thing.

  11. The Mad Ventriloquist likes the color green. He could never work for the slender man.