Thursday, June 23, 2011

My latest plans

It seems to be rather slow right now, and I need amusement. Thus Project Quakerjack, and Operation Insano. Operation Insano is the product of one of my life long goals: to be a Doctor. But how does one become a Doctor? Well. The obvious way, simply put, is to steal someone's doctorate degree. Which is exactly what I am going to do. Once that is done, I shall use my new Sciencey Doctor powers to initiate Project Quackerjack. It is a brilliant plan to create yet another glorious weapon for Father's arsenal. We shall take a host of Rubber Duckies, and plant EXPLOSIVES in them. We shall use them like Grenades... Victims will be too entranced by their cuddly plastic visages to run away from the explosion. It is a FOOL-PROOF plan. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Am I not a genius?

Revised to-do list.
1. Serve Father.
2. Set an Orphanage on Fire. (We're eatin' GOOD tonight)
3. Harass the Sages.
4. Recruit more Children to our Cause.
5. Send said children on suicide missions against Unworthy who do not kill children.
6. Find a replacement for Killer. Any Volunteers?
7. Flag Youtube Videos.
7.5 Keep Team 4-Star and Little Kuriboh off of Youtube.
8. Practice Laugh.
9. Initiate Operation Insano.
10. Throw Water Balloons at a certain Hospital.
11. Gut that amateur Arkady.
12. Learn to play Pipe Organ.
13. Thirteen is unlucky.
14. Have a Wizard's Duel with Sagey. I cast bullet lvl .45
15. Steal candy from a baby. Shoot said baby out of a catapult at the aforementioned Hospital.
16. Shoot down a certain Helicopter. I don't care if it was a dream or not.
17. Shoot Thage. Drag corpse around a city three times while on a Horse.
19. Initiate Project Quackerjack


  1. Insano?

    You're a fan of the Spoony Experiment?

    wow... that's the first thing I've seen here that's actually shocked me

  2. Oh for the love of...You're a fucking lunatic...

  3. Bloody brilliant.

    Stay frosty, bitchez.


  4. Is this the kind of company He has me keeping? I think I was better off not knowing.

  5. What happened to Spanish Guitar? That was far more evil.


  6. Quite brilliant. And deliciously evil.

  7. ... Wow. Brilliant, Shitstar. Does pretending to be a cartoon character actually pass for evil these days.
    I would have expected better, but I'd have no reason to do so.

  8. Shallow Weak Moves
    The Heart of Warriors Past Burns Bright
    You Bring Boredom

  9. @Wolf: Why does that surprise you puppy?
    @Joel: What are you talking about. I never mentioned a Spanish Guitar
    @Lainey: "Evil." You are in the wrong place for "Evil" you know. You want to see "Evil" then go find Thage. THAT is Evil.
    @Not-Sagey: It won't be boring when I shove a fucking Grenade Ducky down your throat will it?

  10. Well little star, after reading through your blog, I was surprised to find any example of good taste.