Sunday, April 24, 2011

If only it was not Recon.

I mean, really, I would have deeply enjoyed killing you Haku. Do you have any idea how much that would hurt the other Runners you interact with? You are starting to become a valued ally you know. Anyway, I never made it to the Police station. No electroshock for me. In fact, we barely made it a mile before I was a free man again.
Ask yourself Haku-Chan. Why would they send ONE proxy, who is known to be slightly unstable, to do recon?
But I admit, the fire alarm ploy was clever. It did surprise me. But it did not hinder US. Now WE know you Valerie.


  1. My loathing is matched only by my pity.

  2. *more physiologists questions*

    When you experience fear, what do you feel? abstain of answering 'fear' please (lol, now those docs are just too predictive).

    I know these is like out of the theme. But I don't find another way to ask you. Well, is not like if I effort too much for it.

  3. You... are one lucky little bastard~

    You know, I rather like you. You're like one of those side-villains that mean nothing at all but are always good for a laugh.

    But I swear by your own FUCKING NAMESAKE that if you EVER come after Valerie again... I won't let you die. Understand me, Star? Death is too simple. You don't deserve that kind of release. That kind of FREEDOM. No. I would TEAR YOU TO SHREDS... but you would still live~ I promise you. Constant agony~ A symphony of pain that would make He That Is proud~

    Know your limits, Star. Back the fuck off.

  4. And before I forget: Happy Easter, Missing Brother.

  5. Happy Easter to you as well Keiken.
    Mitchy, what do you know about pain? What do you know about agony? Not as much as me, I promise you. Tell me, how many people have you made suffer? How many people have looked you in the eye as you ended their life? Too few I think for you to even dare use the word "Pain." You do not know the meaning of the word
    And when we are through with Valerie, she WILL know pain.

  6. Heheh. Ah, that is true, Star~ I have never killed a human, but I'm not unfamiliar with death. I've had to put down animals that meant more to me than members of my family. The human race is just another kind of animal - a monkey with no survival instinct and even less intellect~ Looking into your eye, Star, as I put you through things I have only DAYDREAMED about doing would be no different than looking into the eye of a rabid stray dog. Well, there is a small difference: If it was an actual dog, I would feel a bit bad about it.

    My original warning stands.

  7. Hahahahaha. I LIKE You. You remind me a bit of myself before Tensor introduced me to the glory of Father. Aside from the fact I was aware of how difficult it is to kill someone. (And as I am sure Scott would tell you, it DOES get easier with time).
    It will be fun watching you break. And you will break. In doing so, you will drag all your friends and family into the depths of madness and death with you. Oh... I hope I can see it for myself. The sight of an overconfident, vengeful monkey (such as you), broken and hopeless, begging for death is simply exquisite.

  8. Heh. The likes of you calling someone else an "overconfident, vengeful monkey" is absolutely adorable~ AI seems to agree with me.

    Oh, speaking of that, I outscored you on the insanity scale~ I, for one, am rather amused by that.

  9. Oh please. Skynet over there knows NOTHING about me that I have not revealed on this blog.
    But I must look on the bright side. If you are more insane than ME then clearly you are not a threat at all.

  10. It is just me, or Skynet here apparently hates you, Missing brother?..
    Maybe a glitch in the system.

    BTW, you didn't answered the fear question..

  11. What is up Butter-cup? Turns out you were right we were tailing some one else. I have a test subject now. Things should get interesting. See you soon Lukey~poo<3 I hope for your sake that when we catch up to you to give you "The Treatment" that it stimulates brain growth. Although your stupidity is rather adorable; like that of a babies (Peekaboo. . . I see you!)


  12. Awww... And here I was hoping that I would finally get to meet the one who ruined my life forever. I was preparing all sorts of fun games for us to play! Like, re-hallowing Tensor and making you kill your friend Bianca. OH well. I guess that will have to wait.
    Wuv you too Tensor. Can't WAIT to see you.