Saturday, April 2, 2011

Break Over... On to Business.

Benny Boy found my blog! And he is still not backing down from discovering the truth. He is going to be loads of fun, I can tell. Feel free to tell him how "untrustworthy" I am or how "insane" I am. I am the only one offering the poor boy any help.
Sagey, you are making things too easy for us. Following Hakurei everywhere. I am surprised you have not caught on to what we are doing. Besides, do you not want vengeance for the attempted murder of two of your friends? If you were truly their friend, you would have gone after me by now. I am not hard to find if you look closely...
Inky boy, Inky Boy, Inky Boy. That information I gave you will not be any help to you at all. Still good luck with your predicament. If you need anymore advice or information come to me. I will tell you everything you WANT to know.
But some of the biggest news I saw, was that Fizzbomb captured and re-recruited Cheska! I still think keeping Fizzy alive will bite us in the ass some day, but this is good news for now. She is right though, this will be the safest path for Cheska... Fallen now?
Hmmm... You know, if nothing else comes up, I think I will go bother Ronny's little group after I kill Hakurei and Sagey. And maybe whats her name.... Kay? Yeah. I will kill her too.


  1. I must commend you, you certainly know how to make a guy want you dead.

  2. It seems you've joined the proxy horde following me.

    Saying I'm honoured would be a flat out lie.

  3. I've got a free shot to take. I'll be seeing you later tonight.

  4. Like hell you will. The Master has promised Ron, Pete, and Clarice to me.