Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bored. Let's go kill something.

You know it is a shame I am not an imitation-Gandalf, like.... Well, about half of all the Runners it seems. This lovely wound would not be such a bother if... But oh well. I will live with it. I will just need to take it a bit easier for a couple more days. Which I now realize means no Free Running for a little while. Which means it will be a bit more difficult to track targets. Oh well.
Anyway, we have a few matters to discuss. I am more or less back in action and will probably play with Hakurei this time, since Sagey is busy with his fellow Hogwarts rejects. Although, I could go after Sagey... AGAIN... But given the mood he is in, he might shoot fire from his armpit or something. I am not in the mood to go back to the infirmary.
Secondly, Tensor's ELECTRIFYING announcement: the new cure is... Goddamn Electroshock Therapy. Really.  I am SHOCKED that you would have even bothered testing that as a potential cure. Now that you have it.... What are you going to do with it? Use it on us? HA. Can you handle that many deaths just to save a few of us, who may just turn around and try to kill you for severing their link to their GOD.
Third. Snore-De-Bliss. You deserve a round of applause for that threat you gave me on Sagey's blog. Oh MAN was it funny. I was crying. You have no CLUE who you are dealing with. Literally. You do not know what I look like. You do not know what ANY of us look like. Besides, as I said before, you and Sagey are not my focus. You are rather amusing obstacles, and a nice diversion. But nothing more. Certainly not a threat, and your "bench 200+ pounds and ten years minimum boxing experience" boys are not a threat either. But listen Snore, if you interrupt my plans, I have a nice butterfly knife that I would love to introduce you to. And believe me, it loves to make new friends. Ain't that right Mikey? Oh wait. Dead. Silly me.


  1. I remember Mike and Gabe. Good times.

  2. Do you really? That's nice. Do me a favor and make it big and flashy. I want to have enough time to recite my eulogy before I croak.

  3. Morningstar, I do believe you have a death wish.

    Somehow, this doesn't surprise me...

  4. Oh PLEASE. Do you really think your washed up homicidal fallen messiah can kill ME? He is in way over his head. Stick to hunting worthless Runners Zero.
    ... And with fate sufficiently tempted, I await destiny's decision. But you may just lose your messiah twice if he does not take caution.