Friday, April 8, 2011

Dreams are weird. I mean the Teddy Roosevelt thing a couple days ago was weird, but I can blame THAT on drugs. THIS was just strange. Unnerving even. So here I was taking a nap, leaving Cagnazzo to pick up the slack for me (Thanks Buddy). All I had eaten before the nap was a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and Orange Juice. I slept on the same bed I had been in for a few days. And then I dreamed.
In the dream, I was in the forest. The forest my home back in North Carolina is surrounded by. I always liked those woods. I even had a favorite tree. I call it Franklin. But Franklin is not in this.  So I was walking in these woods, and everything was going darker and darker... It was like all the color faded from everything...
Then I saw a slight clearing ahead, and so I walked into it. In the middle of the clearing was a tree... Well it LOOKED like a tree anyway.  Sort of. To be honest, you know the the seventh circle's forest of suicides? Well it looked like I had sort of envisioned the trees there to look like. Except worse, so much worse, worse worse worse.011011110110100000100000011001110110111101100100001000000110100101110100001001110111001100100000011001100110000101100011011001010010000001101001011101000010011101110011001000000110011001100001011000110110010100100000011101000110100001101111011100110110010100100000011001010111100101100101011100110010000001110100011010000110111101110011011001010010000001100101011110010110010101110011001000000110001101110010011010010110110101110011011011110110111000100000011100110110000101110000011100000111000001110000011100000111000000100000011100110110110101100101011011000110110001100101011001000010000001101100011010010110101101100101001000000110010001100101011000010111010001101000 It shook ever so faintly as if a gentle breeze was blowing against it but I felt no wind. It's ebon bark had slight openings like011101110110111101110101011011100110010001110011011101110110111101110101011011100110010001110011011101110110111101110101011011100110010001110011001000000100001001001100010011110100111101000100001000000110110001100101011000010110101101100101011001000110111101110101011101000010000001110011011011000110111101110111011011000111100100100000010011010100000101001011010001010010000001001001010101000010000001010011010101000100111101010000001000000100110001001111010011110100101101001001010011100100011100100000010000010101010000100000010011010100010101100101011001010110010101100101011001010110010100100000011000100110111101100100011010010110010101110011001000000110100001110101011011100110011100100000011010010110111000100000011010010111010000100111011100110010000001100010011100100110000101101110011000110110100001100101011100110010000001010100011001010111001001110010011110010010000001110111011000010111001100100000011101000110100001100101011100100110010100100000011101110110100001111001001000000110000101110010011001010010000001111001011011110111010100100000011101000110100001100101011100100110010100100000011000100111001001101111011101000110100001100101011100100010000001001001  turned away from it then and beheld a strange man standing nearby.
He had an Omega symbol on his shirt, and he gestured towards a new opening in the trees. Light was shining through, and I saw myself through it, except free. Free from freeeeeeeeeee HIM. I saw Him standing there behind me motionless. Normally he is so comforting and warm but there I saw himandhe was so cold and felt so wrong. He never feels wrong. Why did he feel wrong??? EMPTY. WRONG. I turned towards the Omega person and he smacked me across the head. Then I was awake.
Now I want to lay down again... But I can rest when I am DEAD. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I have things to destroy, people to kill.
Ah... But I admit, my enthusiasm has been lowered slightly by this. I will just have to get over it.


    The Tree With Black Leaves.

  2. There is a reason you elected to share this with us, Morningstar.

    There is a reason behind everything you do.

  3. Reasons go against my principles. Although I do think I am going to stop eating fruity pebbles from now on...