Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well Damn.

I was hoping they would wait a little longer before releasing "our" names to the public. I told you all didn't I? The Leaves were stained Red, but not with OUR blood nor the mounties. They never took us. Dead or Alive. I am not as dumb as you people think I am. Though it looks like the Mounties ARE as dumb as we thought they were.You know, I have been thinking about my lack of subtlety and have decided to be a little more... sneaky.
NOW On to Business.
New Sages. NEW FUCKING SAGES. Haku-Chan. Sagey. And Kay. WHAT. I HAD THE CHANCE TO KILL TWO OF THEM... Once I am done here, I am going back to finish you scum off. No playing around. No more Cat and Mouse through the city. I will kill you all. Make you suffer beyond comprehension. Your flesh will as clay in my hands, to be molded into something wonderful. I'll go back and finish Green Man and Forgemaster, turn them into bloody SMEARS on the floor. I'll kill that Mitch bitch. Chop her up and send her to Haku. I only regret there is no one left for me to kill for Kay. Oh well. I will just settle for TORTURING THE SHIT OUT OF HER. Then sending that to Zero. Should make his day. I might even leave a bone intact.


  1. The Mad Ventriloquist was reading Morningstar's blog from the beginning. Then he got distracted, and forgot to continue. Morningstar died? But didn't die? He seems very angry.

    The Mad Ventriloquist does not think that he can like Morningstar very much. Although given different circumstances he might be fun to drink with.

  2. .. I'm glad that you are ok, missing brother..

    Not even Blasphemer can impede me to pray for you.

    Hope you can avoid trouble (for you and others) for a while, thougth.

  3. You... are one sneaky little bastard.

    But I assume you already know that.

    What did you even do? How did you trick them? Who died in your place?


    Y'know, you still don't scare me. You're still nothing but a poor deluded troll with perverted hobbies and far too much time on his hands. But if you are caught within the same time zone as Michelle, there will be a reckoning.

    If it's me you want, you know where to find me, but leave her out of it. She shouldn't even be here.

  4. @Mad Ventriloquist: I did not die. The Mounties just killed the wrong people. A few Canadians no one will miss, who we Hallowed into service. They also match our physical profiles close enough to where no one will think they about it too much.
    @Keiken: Trouble is my MIDDLE name. Leads to all sorts of fun.
    @Haku-Chan: I know telling you where I am would defeat the purpose of this little diversion... But I already AM in the same Time Zone as dear Michelle. Haku-Sage I want you to SUFFER. Killing Michelle is the obvious way. But don't worry. We'll come for you sooner or later.

  5. At this point, I'd like Morningstar to fight anyone with an IQ above 35. Then, he'd be soundly defeated, and his inane snuff-talk would go away with him.

    If the Tablet makes the cure, I hope someone force feeds it down your throat. Hopefully the "normal" you is less annoying. And quieter.

  6. Then why don't you come kill me yourself Hospital Guy.

  7. The Mad Ventriloquist is less confused now. Though slightly angry. He had friends in Canada.

    If Morningstar played it out to look like he died, though he didn't die, why did he come back. Doesn't that defeat the purpose.

    The Mad Ventriloquist does not mean to be prying. He is just wondering.

  8. Check miss Michelle's blog. She blew the whistle on me.

  9. So Morning Glory, your plan lacks a certain...elegance.

    I hope your...execution is a little better when push comes to shove.


  10. What can I say Maury. I am not an elegant person.

  11. Is that so, missing brother? Well then If one day I find you I will force you to drink the cure and send you to a place you will unlike: VermbumDei's Order Introductive Academy (Think in a religious military and reformative school, dangerous combination). Prepare for 5 months of pain, hard work, prays and waking up in the with a cold bucket of iceed water. (waah, actually I miss those old academy days :'))

    Jeje just joking, actually I'm glad you are still alive, I really mean it. Now there is a hope you wont die under Blasphemer's influence.

  12. Prove it.

    Prove that you even have a goddamn clue where she is. She hasn't given any information away. And as they say, Canada Is Really Big.

  13. How about finishing off the senior set of sages first, asshole? I'd certainly enjoy the chance at your throat.

  14. @Haku-Sage: Why should I? Canada may be big, but that does not mean I do not know where one miserable farm girl lives. Which reminds me. If I were to steal a Tractor and put like... Flamethrowers and shit on it. Would that be too much? Wait. Is it even possible? Oh who cares.
    @The Ex-Sage: Robert is dying as it is. Maduin is beyond my reach... And those are the only two remaining senior Sages. You? You are nothing.

  15. Aww, how adorable. You can rhyme. Actually, I rather like that. "Mitch bitch" has a certain ring. Can that be my nickname, Twinkle~?

    So you "know" where I am. I'm guessing I'm supposed to be scared? Your boss doesn't even scare me. Why should you? You're nothing but a loudmouth brat. Maybe I'll throw you into the lagoon when we cross pathes - putting the bullshitter out with the cow shit seems fitting to me.

  16. Oooh Not bad. Mitch Bitch does have a nice ring doesn't it? Shame it is a bit too good for trash like you. I'll have to think of something else to fit someone as pathetic as you...
    Yes I "know" where you live. As well as I know where Kay "lives" and Haku-Chan, and Killer, and Sagey, and Hospital Guy, and Keiken, and so many other dead men (and women) walking. But no it is not meant to scare you. Fear just does not do anything for me. Pain? Oh yes. Lots and lots of pain is what I want to put you through. But please, do not take this as me considering you important. I am going to do this simply to hurt Haku-Sage. Hurting you hurts her.

  17. Ha! The amusing thing is that you think you're actually insulting me. We're very content people up here, you do remember, yes? You'll have to try harder than that, Twinkle.

    Promise of Pain, hm? Ah, yes, I believe this falls back to our very first correspondence. Such memories~ There are so many options of what I could do to you just lying around here.... I can show you ways of dying you'd never even dreamed of. Maybe something simple to match your simple mind... shove your arm into an auger, perhaps? I wonder what pitch of a scream I'd get out of you then~?

    After all, hurting me may hurt her... but hurting you will just be funny for everyone~

  18. You're back? Dammit, I was just in the middle of rejoicing.

    Still in Canada?

  19. Nice to see you're still with us Morningstar. Woulda been embarassing you getting taken out by the Canadians, they're almost as bad as the French, eh?


  20. @Mitch: Ooh You want to play more psycho than thou do you? Fine by me. But I gotta warn you, I am VERY good at this game.
    @Dante: What the hell do you think. It stinks of Moose and Maple Syrup and the sounds of Hockey and "Eh" fill the air.
    @Ridley: The French at least had Napoleon and Jeanne d'Arc. The Canadians have Lumberjacks and Hockey players.

  21. In all my life I've never run across the writings of a person more like a monster than you. Are all proxies sick like this guy? God I'm glad you're nowhere near me at all. Mitch, do the world a favor and pull your auger trick. I probably won't laugh but I'll certainly say some justice done at the very least.

  22. Ahhh Lucy Ricardo, welcome back to the land of the living.

    This won't go the way you think it will. You should stay in Canada. The mounties are a greater threat than you realize, but it's a lot better than swimming with sharks.

  23. @Hawk: You think I am bad? Go read Arkady's blog. Or Zero's. I am a saint compared to them.
    @Sagey: Good to be back, good to be back. I intend to stay in Canada until my business is finished here.

  24. I think you're bad, I know you're bad. All three of you are fucked in the head, but you're no saint no matter what way you try to look at it.