Monday, May 16, 2011

I suppose I did not think this through very well.

Is there no Canadian FISK? Well if their is, he seems more keen to KILL his targets. The Canadian Police (Ooooh Scary.) are looking for us. While certainly no threat, they could delay us. So we are going to be hiding in the wilderness for a few days. I may have a screw or two loose, but even I am not so insane to think that 13 poorly armed proxies can take on the Canadian military. The leaves will be dyed Red. RED RED RED RED RED HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
They will never take us, dead or alive.



    I heard it on the radio this morning:

    "A shootout outside of the Pembroke area ended with a death toll of thirteen last night. It has been comfirmed by authorites that the group were the same terrorists responsible for recent arson attacks as well as a brutal murder that claimed the lives of a mother and infant in the same area. No further details are known on the group, but there is evidence of cult-like practises."

    He didn't even last a WEEK up here.

    "The leaves will be dyed red" indeed. Bet he never figured he would be supplying the dye~ Otherwise he might have rethought mocking our flag~

    It's good to be Canadian.

  2. That was anti-climactic. Well, at there's one less proxy to deal with now.


    Before I went to USA, I had made a preparation with a catholic priest I know. If 'something' interferes with humans' decisions, when they die they go to hell?..

    Only if the person was serching for that 'something' since the beginning, he said.
    I pray for the purgation of your soul's corruption, missing brother.

  4. I somehow doubt things are that simple. Never count one of us down until the Tall One decides we're done.