Friday, October 7, 2011

If This Gets Posted...

Know that... I am dead. I... Somehow Lost. I doubt this will ever be seen by anyone. But... Just in case. Some things must be said before the end.
Elaine. About half of my brain is screaming to me "No. Don't say this" but I shall say it regardless, truth or no. This is ALL your fault. YOU have allowed me to die. Just like you allowed Cam to. And just like you will for everyone that means ANYTHING to you.
Nicky/Sagey, I will miss you so much. I am so sorry I could not come back to KILL your buddies Greenie and Forgie. Maybe the next guy will... In any case, I hope Bigfoot eats your soul or something. You self-righteous bastard.
Spencer, A fair warning. Beware the Cold. He has taken an interest in you.
Konaa, I will miss seeing you fail miserably at being a hero/Zero II. It was highly amusing you know. How you have thus far failed to save anyone, and have only succeeded in getting Nessa Killed by Rhodes... And SPEAKING of Rhodes. I do hope you die you arrogant douche. I hope it is painful. And I hope it is humiliating. And Your Suit looks Stupid.
Nightscream, Apologies for my failures. Do us a favor and avenge me would you? Hell. What have you got to lose. Your Buzzards could use a good meal once in a while. I STILL cannot believe you have outlived me. Now that you have, Well... Make me proud.
Hylo, Your Boyfriend is as good as dead. As are YOU. Eventually. In due time. BUT I SWEAR TO GOD YOU WILL SEE KONAA BREAK BEFORE THE END. The end. Being his death. He is dying. He will die. Forever.
Haku-Chan, it seems your Guard Dog succeeded. I hope you are happy. She has damned herself and me to oblivion for the sake of revenge. She will be dying, empty and hated. I promise that. You could have stopped this from happening you know. You could have said "No" if you were not so GODDAMN WEAK. I think you are... Comatose now? Weak. So very, very weak. If you were stronger, perhaps I would not be dead and would not have died a Proxy. Perhaps Michelle would not have become just like ME.
Lucas, You are an idiot and your boyfriend is a maniac. I hope he murders you in your sleep for the sake of irony.
Kay, Why not just kill yourself and get it over with. You know you want to, I know you want to, Everyone knows you want to. There is no shame in it, right? Just... Die. Already.
Mr. Funeral/Messenger, I'll give Caper your best wishes in hell. OK?
Nee-chan, I will miss you. Kill a few people for me.
Ridley, Stay Frosty Bro. I hope I don't see you soon.
Cynthia, dear child, I know something you don't know. The near future is going to be horrible for you. You shall be rewarded as a traitor deserves, just like me and all those before me. I wish I could be there to see it. Hehehe. Maybe you'll get the chance to tell me about it when we are both rotting in hell with the rest of your beloved family. Including your Big Brother. Both of us are just DYING to see you again.
Tiger, Gleeman, Recluse and Jack, I apologize for what I have done. I betrayed you and your trust. I got Samedi and Darkhorse killed. I was hoping that Spencer and Elaine would just grab me and run... But I was wrong. I am sorry. I am truly sorry. I cannot ask you to avenge me, and so I must only beg you to continue to live on. Carry the memory of Morningstar as I am, as I truly am, instead of that broken wretched being that emerged near the end of my life. Consider it my last request.
Sweet, Beautiful Michelle... Congratulations. You won. You killed me. What has it accomplished? You can pat yourself on the back now. It means nothing. You did EXACTLY what Father wanted. You are serving him now. You know that don't you. You deny it, but deep inside you know... Well Done.  I wonder what the cost of victory was... I hope it was spoiled for you.
Lastly. My Successor, as there no doubt will be one. I have created the Name Morningstar. I ask that you uphold the things I, in theory (and when I had a sane mind), stood for. Loyalty to your Associates. Succeed here where I failed Darkhorse and Samedi. The Destruction of all the Loathsome humans in this world. Here too, I failed, though I gave it my best shot. Finally, Above All Else: Serve God. Serve him as a worshiper, serve him as a pawn, and serve him as a son/daughter. I also ask that you Avenge me, and thus erase the shame I have given to this most holy title.  Serve Father well, my successor.


  1. ... See you around, kid. I'm sorry we couldn't do more.

    Mors ultima linea rerum est. Death is everything's final limit.

    Rest well.

  2. And so it goes.

    Goodnight, Morningstar. Set in peace.

  3. "Elaine. I am sorry. I am sorry. This is not your fault. I am sorry I died died. Please forgive me me for my words above above. I did not mean them. You are the only friend I have ever had. I am sorry I failed you. I am sorry I was too weak to survive. Forgive me."

    Seeing as you'll read this eventually Elaine, and I don't know if you're up to date on your code cracking...thought it might be nice to have that easy and out in the open.

  4. It's funny how terribly you can wish someone dead when they are alive, and feel such guilt when your wants come true.

    Even through all that you've done, Dr. Morningstar, I wish you peace. No more suffering...

  5. Thank you Nick. I saw it... as soon as it went up, I think. I just... I have nothing to say that is for the view of the internet.

  6. ...Consider it done, my brother.

    Rest in peace. I will see you again one day.

  7. This upset me so much I burned a school down.

    Okay, well, such things happen, and as evidenced by the binary, Morningstar was still unstable. So, on behalf of His servants, I say good riddance. If I had betrayed His cause, I would expect nothing less in return.

    But don't you just hate when things don't go the way you want them to?

  8. Of course this happens on the day I'm about to make my big, research paper length post about proxies.


  9. ...I can't decide whether I should be amused or feel pity.

  10. Hmm, to bad. He was an interesting being. I would have liked to meet, and maybe learn what made him tick.

  11. Well that bout of freedom sure ended quite abruptly...

  12. Good night Star, sleep easy.

    -The Dumbest of the Unworthy.

    Oh and Star, from me to you. Thank you for defecting, it gave me hope. It really did.


  13. I weep for your suffering, Morningstar. And I pray that your soul belonged to God in those final moments.

  14. Nothing in this is simple, is it..? Wheels within wheels within wheels. Geez...

    Thanks for trying, Luke.

  15. You and me both, Mad(X)Hatter.

    See you around

  16. The clock counts down. Midnight draws near.

    Watch and pay heed, my dancing children, for my Prodigal Daughter returns to me.

  17. I remember you.

    Good fucking riddance.

  18. Lookey lookey, fuckface.

    I'm going to fucking kill you.