Friday, September 9, 2011

wayward child

it has been some time since we spoke on this blog, has it not? we are saddened by the sudden, but not unexpected betrayal of our beloved MORNINGSTAR. he has served god well in his brief time as one of our children, and so we ourselves shall not pursue him. he has proven himself too unstable to be permanently hallowed, thus the only merciful thing to do is to wait for god to grant him a quick death.
yet, we feel MORNINGSTAR deserves a legacy. we have a successor in mind, to inherit his name, his allies, and his duties. this second MORNINGSTAR shall not be as unstable and rebellious as CIFER was. 
CIFER, we know you and your false allies shall read this. you are a disappointment to us, but we still love you as a craftsman loves his tools. we wish you happiness in the arms of your false friends, for the brief time you still have upon this earth. we warn you: your new allies may not be receptive to one such as you joining their side. when things become too unhappy for you, we would welcome you back with open arms, as you will have learned that we are the only ones who can truly love and understand you.
to the one called ELAINE we give a warning: you have stolen away one who is precious to us. you shall find no rest, you shall find no happiness, we shall drain every last drop of blood from your broken body and offer it as a sacrifice to god. death itself shall be no reprieve for you, for we shall not allow you to rejoin your precious CAM in the great beyond. your soul will belong to god, forever in agony, forever alone, forever a monument to the futility of resisting us. resisting god.
lastly, to the one called SPENCER. we know you, we know your history, why you have done this, how you have done this. you sicken us. MORNINGSTAR will not suffer a happy fate due to your actions, and you know it. so why then have you done this? why have you damned a man so? do you intend to drag the world down with you? are you a child throwing a temper tantrum? you disgust us, and will suffer a fate worse than anything your primitive mind could comprehend. we promise this.


  1. Cute. If you had a penchant for proper capitalizations, maybe I'd be a little more intimidated.

    Know this; man-who-seems-to-have-problems-with-singular-ownership-pronouns, also known as Valtiel.

    I've dealt with worse. Much worse. Much, much, muuuuuch worse than your stuupid little threats. I don't suggest you come after us, and not because I'm being macho.

    There's been enough death.

    Let's not add a few more bodies to the pile.


  2. Val, you can go fuck yourself. Seriously. I'm going to take care of him, and that's that. False friends my very fabulous ass.

  3. "I found the underlying hatred and promise in this declaration positively divine..."

  4. Ooh, poetic tags and a tendency to type like a petty elitist on a noobish forum. How intimidating.

  5. Great, now all that's left is me, the nonsense-speakers and the religious fanatics.

  6. Star what the fuck bro? The fuck is this shit?

    Awww, hell man!

  7. I can attest to the fabulosity of Elaine's ass. Not that I was staring.

    Anyways, Val, tough fucking beans. You can make all the threats you want, it ain't gonna make an ounce of difference. We'll save you all one after another.

  8. Wayward... interesting choice of words..

  9. *raises hand* ill totally admit that i was staring, konaa. its hard not to. it is, afterall, very fabulous.

  10. You're a meanie liar bully, Valtiel-baka. And Elaine-baka is too :(((((( Morningstar-sempai is doing so sugoi at his job and he would never just decide to stop helping Slendy-kun. Especially without telling me ;___;

  11. ....Seems things are ALOT farther along than I had originally hoped for. heh.